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  2. Oh yeah, that's what some Youtubers I've watched are doing, they have a "Clips" channel usually with <1 minute videos. How would that work with other people's clips? They'd send it to him so that he uploads it? I'm not familiar with the clipping feature, or upload/YouTube studio editing panel.
  3. It would be nice if he had a channel to post funny moments and stuff clipped by viewers, so you didn't have to sift through big playthroughs to find them. There are the numerous highlight channels that do that, but they're not officially sanctioned by phil.
  4. they really want you to catch a shit ton of the same pokemon in Pokemon Legends, to complete the Pokemon Entry of said pokemon, thankfully they are easy to catch so far, i caught a level 22 Pokemon when i had only level 10s, i all my pokemon got like 700 EXP points. so far the game is fun still. i love that you can craft items on the go, (Pokeballs,Potion,Revives,etc.)
  5. That's so rude! Luckily, I think that most of these programs, (the filler), is staged.
  6. so far Pokemon Legends is fun, got through the tutorial, it seems its not truly open world, you just pick the area you want to go to, kind of like Super Mario Odyssey. the frames drop some.
  7. Just finished watching Snitch from 2013. Loved it. Grade: A+
  8. Yesterday
  9. Same, I don't bother to respond to people that vehemently defend racist forums every chance they get. "Oh but despite the racism and illegal activity they might be right!11 derp" smh
  10. Papa Roach - ...To Be Loved
  11. Oh wow! It's 中国-man. I did recognize him.
  12. I don't think you read their post. It's a bad habit you've shown in several occasions, if you're going to read it carelessly, don't bother to begin with.
  13. So do I. Did you read my first thoughts on the show from Monday?
  14. So does it suck like everyone thinks it will? Nothing good coming out until Horizon and Elden ring next month. So anyway, I crushed my hand at work today while moving some heavy equipment. Not broken but definitely swollen af.
  15. I ignore anyone claiming KF isn't doxing people on a daily basis or involved in criminal activity.
  16. Kg is ignoring information purposefully.
  17. My most played games are now all Microsoft (starcraft, minecraft, fallout games, elder scrolls games)
  18. Do you think Microsoft should of bought EA instead of Activision because they have so many more titles like madden, Battlefield and many more Ip’s
  19. i almost bought every Upgrade from every shop in Rage 2, ive switched from Normal to Hard a few days ago since it was a bit easy.
  20. Won't affect much for me, though I do play some Diablo 2 every now and then.
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