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  1. Cult of the Lamb is pretty fun, i defeated the first main boss.
  2. so far for the PS4 port of Horizon Forbidden West its either a 7.9 or 8.0 for me (im like 80% done i think) things i like. the Graphics (despite the texture pop in) the story is pretty good. music is epic. gameplay is more of the same as the first game, which is good. the side quest theres tons the map is big. things i dislike: Load times are sometimes ass (can be somewhere between 25 seconds-1 minute or 2 minutes,welcome back to the PS1 era). Texture pop in (some times the textures can look like a PS2 Game) (and sometimes takes around 30 seconds to 1 minute to fully load in) the platforming make Assassin's Creed look like its the best game with platforming. Glitches/Bugs (characters getting stuck in walls, and of course the Texture problem).
  3. but seriously how will they know what he's selling, unless he stupidly announces it?
  4. DSP is making an excuse that he cant sell stuff on Ebay becuase of trolls.
  5. i made a mistake and started another playthrough of Hollow Knight.
  6. so two point campus is basically The Sims
  7. nope, how can you forget the best moment of As Dusk Falls?
  8. anyone know how to fix this problem? the taskbar everytime i move a system icon (Volume,Battery,etc.) it wants to move one icon downward, the taskbar is already locked, i dont know why it does this.
  9. damn nice, i feel like i got a good deal for mine ($91) just for internet use and lite emulator use.
  10. for the laptop you can have either a second Hard Drive, battery, or a DVD Drive. mine have a second battery, but i do got a dvd drive that fits somewhat as the plastic piece of the DVD Drive doesnt go in, as it was made to fit another laptop.
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