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  1. they really want you to catch a shit ton of the same pokemon in Pokemon Legends, to complete the Pokemon Entry of said pokemon, thankfully they are easy to catch so far, i caught a level 22 Pokemon when i had only level 10s, i all my pokemon got like 700 EXP points. so far the game is fun still. i love that you can craft items on the go, (Pokeballs,Potion,Revives,etc.)
  2. so far Pokemon Legends is fun, got through the tutorial, it seems its not truly open world, you just pick the area you want to go to, kind of like Super Mario Odyssey. the frames drop some.
  3. i almost bought every Upgrade from every shop in Rage 2, ive switched from Normal to Hard a few days ago since it was a bit easy.
  4. they wont, they haven't been used like an*l beads like the official Joy cons have (probably why the official joy con drift so easily)
  5. ive got a very good pair of 3rd Party Joy Cons. they are basically like the Pro Controller, and so far i have had no problem with em. they have leds lights, they wake up the Switch, they have Gyro and they last 12-15 hours in when playing with em docked. the joy sticks feel like Xbox One's Joysticks.
  6. 0.5 points lost now, i now see why the game got a 7 out of 10
  7. Rage 2, crashed 3 time now, therefor so far it lost 0.3 in my score i will give for the game, everytime it crashes i negate 0.1 into the score.
  8. im going to try to 100% Rage 2, before Pokemon Legends come out.
  9. i had to redownload Rage 2 it was a buggy mess.
  10. yet people claim it wasnt that good.
  11. he should 100% RDR2 next, its not that long to 100% just a 100 hours or 200.
  12. Rage 2 isnt that bad of a game tbh.
  13. Bugsnax i give a 7.2 out of 10. (will finish in a day or two) Hotshot Racing is a 7.9 out of 10 ------------------------------ game(s) i gave up on Fable HD (dont like the new textures they used and menus)
  14. nope he is interested timestamped.
  15. its sad that Phil has nobody living with him, to play A Way Out or It Takes Two with him.
  16. i started playing Bugsnax pretty cute, not sure why its not on Switch.
  17. im going to change my score of Knack to a 7.8 Pros: Great Launch Title Underappreciated Title Turns out to be a Gem of a Game. Fun and Challenging Gameplay Shows what the PS4 could do in 2013 Very great Textures and Graphics for the Time. Shown the Reviewer seem to only care if a game either has Blood, Gore, or Guns. This Game is Good on it stands out and the Charm is amazing. The Voice Actors did a decent Job. 50 levels spanning from 13 Chapters. replayability if you want to unlock the other Knacks or play the other modes unlocked No Load Times. Cons: Slowdown and dip in the Frame Rate, idk if its actually slow motion when you die and break off into a thousand pieces or if its the framerate tanking. Hitboxes seem to be hit or miss. The Doctor (the good guy) seems to be an ass some of the time in the Cutscenes. only being able to take 1-3 hits maybe 4 if youre lucky, and having to restart from a checkpoint that is 2-3 minutes back just to die again. some of the levels are short like maybe only 5-8 minutes long. only 3-4 bosses. Plot hole on both Viktor (Bad Guy) and Gundahar (Bad Guy) not showing their fate of what happen to them. Nitpick: being able to run past some enemies if there is not a door blocking you, thus requiring you to fight em
  18. i got almost every PS4 Exclusive game, even ones that were port to PS5 and PC. also i am going to give Knack a 7.5 out of 10, close to finishing the game very fun.
  19. im finished with Ni No Kuni, got to the final boss died, im done, i love the game, but i spent too much time on it already 50+ hours its time to move on to other games on the Switch, i give Ni No Kuni a 8.0 out of 10. also Nier 2 and Deaths Door playthrough are canceled for now, i dont feel like playing those types of games right now.
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