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  1. but one that takes place in the movie world, and what if its open world like BOTW?
  2. Do you think they will make a game based on the Super Mario Bros. Movie?
  3. not done with Evil West but the game is pretty decent i'd give it a 7.7 out of 10.
  4. when the hell is Invincible Season 2 coming out?
  5. im guessing its going to take place at the same location? i already forgot what was the name of the school? Nevermore or Hogwarts?
  6. Wednesday i am going to give a B+ cant wait for Season 2, if there is going to be a Season 2.
  7. there's a "hidden" boss that will kick your ass in the Lava/Volcano
  8. im happy to announce Wednesday is better then what Sateler claims it is.
  9. so for me Evil West is on hold until November 25th, got more God of War R post game to play and left over side missions.
  10. wow found another big "antiDSP" youtuber, he has 1Million subs and the video has 112K views.
  11. yes this, its fine for when it was released i guess, but the card you summon, the AI is dumb, they hardly attack and when they do attack they will most likely miss 70% of the time. but yeah im save stating through the game, if i remember the 2nd was a bit better.
  12. that's bad how? i think you mean plays like a PS2 game or a PS3 game is what i think you actually meant (kind of like Shadows of the Damned), wow modern games really have spoiled people, they expect Open World, 50+ hours of gameplay, epic/serious story plots, 30 skill trees to level up. i will to say its not worth $60 but maybe $40
  13. a couple of days ago i started a gamecube game made by fromsoft and its meh.
  14. played some Evil West, and so far its ok.
  15. at least Pokemon Sun was decent. and Pokemon Legends was sort of a new gameplay style and didnt run like shit.
  16. its sad Pokemon S/V runs bad, because it seems like a decent game.
  17. The Walking Deade as a whole im going to give a, A-
  18. its also almost Christmas so they wanted to release S and V for maxium $$$.
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