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  1. that was years ago, i no longer care.
  2. may still watch this, but i just watched this Youtube video of it
  3. removed Burnout 3 form my PC and threw the game disk in the trash where it belongs.
  4. im going to give Burnout 3 Takedown a shocking score of 7.3 out of 10 this game become garbage after the 10th hour of the game, with non stop Bullshit from the AI, almost impossible burning lap times to get the gold medal. this was suppose to be a fun and relaxing game to go back to, but this has turned into somewhat of a nightmare, the game become so unneedy less unfair to the point where i am using save states. even the final GP race the CPU cant even drive the "best" car correctly because they keep crashing into the wall because the "best" car is actually very shit at handling. its like the Devs said We Give Up ship it. this took me around 18-20 hours to just do the races because they will have you restart 3-5 minute race constantly, you crash 1-3 time better restart, that 3-5 minute race can become 30-1 hour depending on the RNG of the game. There are some Good things. like Graphics, sound, the low par soundtrack which only has 2-4 decent songs. i do love this game for the first 6-8 hours but after that this game become tedious. 7.3 out of 10 is my final score, and i will probably not touch Crash Mode stuff. This also makes me want to hold off of playing Burnout Revenge. thankfully they fixed the game in Burnout Paradise which is a solid game, that i 100% without much or any trouble.
  5. Kg would have clapped for the movie if it was MLP.
  6. likely Switch Games Donkey Kong 3D or 2D game, Super Mario Odyssey 2, BOTW 2 (of course), Zelda Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD, Mario Baseball game unlikely Switch Games. Zelda OOT HD, Zelda MM HD, Kid Icarus Uprising Switch Port, Luigi Mansion 1 and 2. Metroid Samus Return Switch port.
  7. i want them to try to make the Dungeon and Dragon beat em up game. like the ones that were in the arcades
  8. especially if they give him the game a day before release, then he'll say its GOTY
  9. why would he skip Starfield he's a Bethesda Fanboy
  10. i give the new mario soccer a 6.5
  11. i played the new Mario Soccer game.
  12. i rather wait until Starfield gets fan made patches.
  13. tbh i rather play No Many Sky, as it has more color and not just Brown and Grey.
  14. i never said i didnt like No Man Sky, in fact i never played No Man Sky.
  15. Starfield looks like No Man Sky V2 to me.
  16. didnt you say once you liked Fallout 4?
  17. i finished Freedom Fighters and i must say, what an Amazing game.
  18. i mean Penguinz0 is also the kind of person who didnt like Wizard of Oz.
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