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  1. A lot of streamers are like that. I'll watch the video later but as long he wasn't an asshole about it, it shouldn't be a major issue. Whoops. Lol. This should be interesting.
  2. I didn't watch the whole Poke playthru. Just bits here and there. Neither did i watch the whole Demon Souls playthrough but I highly doubt that there was anything there that could compare with what happened today.
  3. I jumped back in to the dsphere after hearing about his fight with the japanese guy. This has to be the worst gameplay stream he's ever done post bancruptcy arc.
  4. That's actually a good idea. Phil's chat is the best part of his content. As I said before, accentuate the good. Minimize the bad. Tell that to the other guy. It should be obvious by now that I don't drink the kool aid.
  5. Wait you really honestly thought he makes pennies off youtube?
  6. He can't. If he doesnt split them up he 1. Makes less money 2. Can't boast that he is the most prolific streamer to ever walk the earth.
  7. My point exactly but I took the bait regardless. Too much time on my hands.
  8. Yea, Mora said it perfectly. What do you expect when you do things like this? What do you hope to achieve by this? If Dsp is serious about improving his channel then it really is that simple. Make the content fun for people to watch. Keep what the viewers want to see and leave out the rest. But this would require editing of course. So...
  9. Yes! Exactly. If you're going to be the King of Hate then be the King of Hate. But no he says some dumb shit on twitter and when there's push back he cries victim. Say what you mean and mean what you say. It's obvious LTG and Dale are not the same person. Of course he's not like that in IRL. But it does say something about you as a person when you say transphobic and racist shit regardless of whether you mean it or not.
  10. Yea I know it works. It's just cringe. My thing is own it. Say what you will about LTG but he own his shit. If you're going to be a twitter drama hound just own it.
  11. Yea this twitter thing he's doing is really annoying. He's been doing it for a while but it's gotten worse since his awful take on Copyright. Now it's just obvious he's chasing twitter drama and twitter trolling, which I don't have a problem with per say, just as long as you don't complain when the same is done to you. The guy who is not mr.views or mr drama is now obviously chasing views and drama. Keep that sh*t to the prestreams and leave it out of twitter Phill. Yeh but that's not now tho. Paper Mario was just awful. He could've just meant the game(s) were boring and not Phil. Now if he said Phil was boring that would be something.
  12. No, I know he talks shit about Phil and his community but what I meant when I asked "how do you know?" is, how do you know he finds Phil boring did he say so?
  13. I get what you're saying but let's not act like we're Dr Phil and be diagnosing people. Yes a lot of DSP's fans are legit autistic and wheelchairs but still let's not throw it around to everyone. LoL. Yo that's so crazy cause I remember being in chat not too long ago and he got angry at someone saying that this person has "a whole thread on kiwifarms about him". I think the guy was calling him a whale or something. I just found the exchange so funny because it felt like he legit thinks he is better than DSP's fans. The only thing that separates him from any other whale is that he at least was smart enough not to set up his account with his personal info and people just don't care enough to go through the hassle. But yea it's obvious he likes the attention. If this gets his e-dick off then all power to the little autist. He does? How do you know this?
  14. From what I've seen in chat he has family. I think he said something about buying presents for the family. If it's true, godspeed to the little autist. I've stopped watching Dsp but I do read the Farms and here obviously so I am a little bit of an autist myself, I'll admit that. Yeah I saw that. I watched the end to see if he reached the tips goal and saw the $60 Tip. OIC can't be a troll can he? He's gotta be a legit fan at this point. Tipping $60 to troll DSP is asinine. You a fan if you tipping that kind of money.
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