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  1. I think a modern DSP would be great for both Saints Row games as well as replay Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories and Liberty City Stories!!!
  2. If someone was to pay Phil for copies of his raw recordings of RDR, would he send copies to dropmefiles.com or something?????
  3. I know if I had the original files I would definitely be selling them and making a buck off them, it's a shame it was stolen and then deleted, terrible
  4. yeah haha ;) thats where i get most of them
  5. Big AC/DC fan here, I collect their VHS tapes. I know, sad to hear, then George also died a month or so afterwards. Very odd.... Looking for people to trade with, like digital VHS rips or something it does, yeah
  6. Anybody got any AC/DC vhs tapes?
  7. Does anybody got any AC/DC stuff? Anything on VHS? Getting a few tapes in the mail soon, two Rock In Rio 1985 tapes, was wondering if anyone on this forum has anything of AC/DC???
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