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  1. Phil, why do you move your head so much when you talk? Just kidding. But don't you think this website is an unnecessary expense? I think most of your viewers barely use it, and I would bet you barely use it too. You're probably going to answer more questions from your Twitter than from this thread for Ask the King... And the majority of streamers (big and small) don't have a website - rather, they use established social media platforms only.
  2. Phil, don't you think it's a bad idea to not pay attention to what popular streamers are doing (and what's trending on Twitch)? You say you don't watch other streamers, but wouldn't that be like a tech company refusing to take note of what companies such as Microsoft and Apple are doing? It sounds like a bad business decision. Also, it would probably improve your take on the community, because fyi most popular streamers do not dress up as cartoon characters and dye their hair. The only top streamer that dresses up as a character and puts on an act is Dr. DisRespect, and 80% (if not more) of top streamers don't dye their hair fancy colors.
  3. Phil, is a downside to your content that it relies on the video game to carry the stream? For example, some streamers (such as xQc) generate the same viewership and contributions when they play any video game, good or bad, new or old, triple-A or indie, while playing alone or with friends, without the need of finishing them (but they do finish them sometimes). In addition, they can stream themselves reacting to content, browsing the internet, or doing activities indoors and streaming in public, and generate the same success.
  4. Phil, are there concerns regarding your business generating revenue in the long term? It seems since the transition to YouTube, it's the same half dozen viewers contributing throughout the week (in terms of reaching the tips goal). Considering this handful of viewers donate large sums per stream (and make the most progress towards the tips goal), losing one of these contributors may result in serious financial consequences.
  5. The question is: would Phil do something like that today?
  6. Has Phil discussed his review philosophy regarding DSP Tries It?
  7. Anyone know why Phil named himself "DSP The Immortal" on Twitter?
  8. I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner.
  9. Did AspiringIndividual get banned?
  10. Would you ever stream yourself reacting (sharing your opinion and research) to videos on YouTube? And videos that are not your own. This streamer is reacting to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLSNPkf8RCU
  11. To be fair, Phil doesn't know all the facts. Consider the following: Logan has been training boxing for 3 years. If Phil had known this, he may have expressed his opinion differently.
  12. Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga <- prefer GBA version
  13. I think Phil lags because his business internet is probably overrated.
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