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  1. I've decided to make a forum post discussing any possible ideas that could improve the Patreon rewards. I'll go ahead and start if off- 1) Multiplayer with Patreons: This should be a reward for the higher tiers (the amount that you think is appropriate is up to you). That would deter trolls from pledging for one month just to mess with you in any kind of multiplayer or co-op interaction. So some idea of games that could be played that you already own- -Fall Guys -MLB The Show -COD -Pokemon Those are just the first few that came to my mind. This could be something that you do once a month with those who are pledged to that tier. Pick one game to play that day, and whoever wants to play can join you. No, everyone will not have all the games. But if you list out the games that you have available to play multiplayer/co-op with, people will already know what to expect. And then you can alternate the game every month. 2) Merch: This would be for the higher tiers again, maybe a $50 tier (again, the amount you think is appropriate is up to you)? You could send those who pledged a t-shirt, or maybe stickers of old emotes? This is just an idea I've got from one pateron I pledged to which was for a podcast. For paterons pledged to a certain tier they would send out a goodie bag of merch. It was small stuff, like stickers in a little bag that had a logo they created on it. So maybe others would have a more specific idea of what you could do merch-wise for certain pledge tiers. 3) Do viewers choice goals again, however, it'll be a little different with Pateron. Maybe you can make a goal for reaching a certain amount of pledges, and once that has been met you can do a viewers choice nomination. Or, you could have viewers choice be a bi-monthly event, where paterons in a certain high tier pledge could be the ones making nominations (this will eliminate any "troll" nominations), and once the nominations have been gathers you can then put them in a poll where everyone can vote for the winner in the forums.
  2. I think bc he wasn't doing face cam at that point.
  3. Witcher 3 Wild Hunt! You can do a New Game + playthrough using your previous save from back when you played it in 2015! There's so many story options, you can make different choices than your previous playthrough (if you remember what you chose lol or chances are you may make a different choice, and it'd be fun for viewers to compare if they'd like). Being able to take all your gear, potions, and abilities over to a new game makes it a different experience the second time around in my opinion. Plus, if things go according to how it's planned (but we all know sometimes it doesn't), there will be a PS5 upgrade available for free later this year so it'd be cool to see that difference if you're still playing it then! Now, I know that's a long playthrough to do over again, but I know you actually enjoyed the game. And considering the *possibility* that a new Witcher game may come out in the (hopefully) near future, it may be cool to dive back into that world.
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