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  1. There's no difference whatsoever. Phil has been extremely critical of "react" content. Add it to the long list of things that Phil is critical of and then ends of doing.
  2. esi

    Forum make no sense

    Open minded? Lol....you're in the wrong place for that bud.
  3. It's just him pushing the "Trolls were out to get me" Twitch ban narrative. I wouldn't even call this a "brand". His YT channel can't pull 1k views with any consistency per video and the streaming part of it is overwhelmingly supported by Tips from a handful of people. He's just holding on at this point.
  4. I think he has some sub goal for one those Retrospectives things. Yea, his choice of games is just pure laziness at this point. One stream was him just going through the Xbox Game Pass.
  5. That goal was just him being greedy and completely unoriginal. It’s the same deal with about anything “positive” he does with his streams…it’s just him building up something totally lame and boring. Todays a good example…it’s literally Thanksgiving…and he’s falling over himself trying to pump up Xmas notifications. He’s a 40 year old rock at this point.
  6. esi


    Keemstar as DSP's boss....damn, what a movie that would've been.
  7. My head hurts….but sure.
  8. I'm not saying there aren't fans that give to genuinely support Phil and his content...It's the ones who give thousands of dollars for a "spectacle" that weird me out. It's the same deal with sock accounts among the whales...the weird hoops they jump is so cringe and weird...and it's a huge factor in the trolls who genuinely want to makes Phil's life miserable. Just support him in a normal way...I think it's pretty obvious that the ratio is heavily favoring the "spectacle" supporters.
  9. I'm convinced of it. Phil consistently is "transparent" about the complete disarray that is his income/finances...regular basis. So he has a couple of slow streams...gets on pre-stream today with scribble on a piece of paper and a "I'm stressed out speech"....and the tip goal is hit within 30 minutes. I think these dudes who support him get off on this song and dance he does....they love this "shambles" act . With as much money as these dudes give him....there is absolutely NO REASON for him to have slow streams. I really think these "whales" are just simple fucking trolls that like to see the big guy dance. I've taken shots at Phil...obviously....but this truly is isn't one. The whales are some weird fucking dudes.
  10. esi


    Lol...i love the "super fan" trolls. "Phil rekd" him....lol....he simply repeated what a million other people have said about Keemstar. How does this affect Keemstar? Nada...dudes a multi-millionaire who doesn't have to work anymore. What'd Phil do last night? Asked for tips...tweeted about tips....told people that he would talk about behind the scenes stuff today in the hope that people will TIP. "Rekd"....lol....such silliness.
  11. esi


    "I don't care about or watch other content"....that's always been Phil's company line. But, we all know that's not true. Phil is very aware of the comings and goings of other creators...just like he's DEEPLY aware of "detractor" content even though he constantly denies watching it. It's another one of those tired and absurd takes that he has. Everyone knows it's not true...but he keep repeating the same shit.
  12. esi


    I know there’s a lot of jokes about Phil’s drinking…but he literally might of been drunk when he tweeted at Keem. Phil, take your L…this ain’t the fight you want.
  13. esi


    That is all…lol.
  14. They believe it. They just like doing the “I see nothing” act.
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