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  1. He publicly donated to DSP...he also said multiple times that he was doing it to "stick it to the haters/detractors". So yes, Jinx is if fact a public person...he purposely made it so. He could've done it anonymously and sent DSP a private message...which DSP has actively encouraged people to do. But it's moot...Jinx PUBLICLY let DSP know that this was his final donation for a while.
  2. Of course not…nor do I need his permission to criticize it….let that obtuse energy keep flowing though.
  3. It doesn’t at all…I genuinely pity anyone that throws money at streamers. But like I said…totally random and organic. Jinx was just taking a trip and listening to Phil and decided to throw $700 his way.
  4. Hey look…another totally random person…TOTALLY random…not a sock account…TOTALLY and completely organically donated over $700 bucks in the past 3 days. Lol…the lulz…..
  5. The same people who made dozens of sock accounts before gifted memberships became a thing. Also the same names that donate once every 6 months….under different names. It’s the organic growth charade that these nimrods run. They’re not random…that’s not a thing that consistently happens to any streamer….it happens with Phil to promote growth. It’s silly…but whatever.
  6. Those 2 clips are talking about the same event...the Bank Leaks. Detractor wise, the only stuff said or posted was a list of his transaction history. Phil has changed the story about the Leaks multiple times.... leading to the contradictory statements.
  7. So after the Bank Leaks Phil said his identity had been stolen…he claimed that someone accessed his accounts and messed them up…he also said that it cost him thousands of dollars to fix it. During the interview he said none of his accounts were hacked or broken into…in his reaction video he claimed that someone stole 9k total and again he paid thousands to fix it. So he’s making contradictory statements about the same event.
  8. 1 rule I live by with DSP when it comes to telling the truth. “I’m just being honest…I’m protecting my family…and nugget of truth”….all indicators that DSP is in fact, most likely not being honest.
  9. The hell are you talking about? What evidence? His bankruptcy went through because of his MASS debt. Debt he racked up because he's a financial disaster. Again, you made this account on Sunday....why are you here?
  10. Was actually thinking the same thing about the "9k available". Literally no shot.
  11. Because he claims he has very black and white “morals”….because he’s claimed a thousand times it’s not him…because he was willing to email Craig the details of it…because he claims he’s not the guy everyone says he is…because a dozen reasons. You thick?
  12. @StefaniaGaming That’s actually hilarious.…but also kinda retarded.
  13. He’s not gonna send a screenshot because it’s his account…it’s such a silly thing to deny at this point…but whatever. He’s gonna die on that hill till the end.
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