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  1. No amount of improvement or reflection will change the fact that he’s simply not relevant to anyone outside of his small audience. But even that’s a moot point….because he’s not changing. He’s made bills/begging an even bigger part of his streams…he’s shown complete hypocrisy by this silly React shit….something he’s ripped people for doing.
  2. It didn’t do much for him…he even admitted it only provided short term support. Like I said in another post…no one cares about this react content. He still needed 3-4 people to tip a majority of the money. He’s needed literally dozens of sock accounts to hit the goals…and he’s already lowered the goal for the next….BECAUSE the sock accounts go bye bye. He was always going to over explain everything…cause that’s Phil in a nutshell. The “ex” segment just made him look like a creep.
  3. and Phil knows it won't happen. He's just holding on for as long as he can. There's no light at the end of the tunnel for him.
  4. It's really not anything....he needed people creating dozens of sock accounts for him to even hit the Wings React goal....and then played dumb when nobody re-upped the memberships. He'll give up on this soon....it's obviously not catching on. He's already doing the "I've offered all I can" whining.
  5. React content is "good incentives"? Lol...you say so. He's not playing with fans unless he has absolutely no choice...but who knows...with the amount of "support" tweets his been posting, it might come sooner rather then later.
  6. esi

    Answer me this…

    Oh I’m well aware that he pursues drama. I’d just love for him to acknowledge it for once. The guys a walking contradiction.
  7. esi

    Answer me this…

    I’d actually love for him to answer…I’m assuming I’d get banned right after…but still. It’s obvious short of a miracle that he’s not hitting that sub goal…so in reality no one actually wanted to see him react. I understood that logic…it was more desperation…but still, it was semi outside the box. This Wings stuff is just irrational…he’ll have a bunch of lurkers watch…but the same people will tip. Actually surprised Wings is letting him monetize it in any way.
  8. esi

    Answer me this…

    Phil has been ADAMANT about avoiding drama…he doesn’t want to talk about it…doesn’t associate himself with it…and says he hates the negativity surrounding “drama” content on YouTube. So why in hell would he react to a video that is the very definition of drama? A video about someone who has been surrounded by constant toxic negativity. What gives?
  9. He said it was gone…but you knew that already.
  10. it's also kind of awkward that all the Bday stream money was gone in a day. But we'll just let that one sit and simmer.
  11. It's not a big deal because there's nothing polite or decent about him. He's actually gotten worse and purposely OVER emphasizes it...especially the clearing of the throat. It doesn't bother his audience because you're banned or timed out if you mention it.
  12. Money…period….and possibly some extreme insecurity.
  13. He’s just waiting for the gifted membership function to be released. He knows his channel isn’t growing organically…hell, he played dumb when 10-11 sock accounts were made to hit one of his goals. He’s relevant to a couple hundred people…and 4-5 big tippers….who themselves make sock accounts to tip under. That about sums Phil up. Homie you could’ve done the sarcastic thing with far less words…lol…I hope you at least took a shit during that word vomit.
  14. There’s just not enough interest in him to get beyond 300-400 members. His Twitch sub count was vastly inflated by the gifted subs. He simply needs to accept the fact that without the gifted option, he’s basically hit his ceiling. Phil loves to use the word “engagement”…he’ll talk about likes and comments…but none of that shit matters if people don’t spend money. He’s not relevant…bottom line.
  15. esi

    Be honest…

    Nobody takes that 5k number seriously. But, the financial blunders he's made before the age of 40 are breathtaking.
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