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  1. People still talk about it because for whatever silly reason, he repeatedly denies it. I only brought up the leaks because it SHOULD be obvious to him that his main supporters don’t care. His denial of certain obvious things…just keeps all this shit alive. I hope this isn’t taken as an insult…but whatever.
  2. Tagging Phil? Lol…we’re all getting banned. Idk why he just doesn’t come clean with stuff like this…the leaks showed that his main supporters could care less. He gives trolls so much ammo it’s almost sad.
  3. Camera caught a glimpse of Phil’s phone. Looks like a particular mobile game was on the screen…a game he has repeatedly denied playing. KGhaleon: Added the video, since OP didn't link it. So people know what you're talking about.
  4. Extra day off to do a podcast? Bud...he's not doing any kind of "work" on a day off. His finances are obviously healthy enough for him to turn it down....that's been made crystal clear.
  5. "Talking to other people" sums it up. It's something that Phil wouldn't have absolute control over...and that terrifies him. The guy is so scared of legit interactions that he'll give up a minimum of 50k. This is DSP...the guy who lives paycheck to paycheck...who struggles to buy groceries...the only streamer I've EVER seen tweet in the middle of a stream that support is low and he really needs help...who makes video's before his day off to remind people to tip him. He said that he was good being at "Level 1"...now I actually believe him.
  6. It went exactly how most people thought it would....it just showed why Phil literally has zero friends. He has no redeeming qualities as a friend or really even acquaintance. The "not monetized" thing was a complete farce and joke...and he used it the very next day in a "need more support" video. Not really a low point when he goes lower each passing week.
  7. You get bored taking a shit or something? You don't donate or do anything behind the scenes...so stop.
  8. You're really crying poor over $3.99? I'll agree with Phil on this....those memberships are cheap as hell....so in his own words...."there is literally NO reason to not become a member". You're not a fan...just a cheap lurker :)
  9. No amount of improvement or reflection will change the fact that he’s simply not relevant to anyone outside of his small audience. But even that’s a moot point….because he’s not changing. He’s made bills/begging an even bigger part of his streams…he’s shown complete hypocrisy by this silly React shit….something he’s ripped people for doing.
  10. It didn’t do much for him…he even admitted it only provided short term support. Like I said in another post…no one cares about this react content. He still needed 3-4 people to tip a majority of the money. He’s needed literally dozens of sock accounts to hit the goals…and he’s already lowered the goal for the next….BECAUSE the sock accounts go bye bye. He was always going to over explain everything…cause that’s Phil in a nutshell. The “ex” segment just made him look like a creep.
  11. and Phil knows it won't happen. He's just holding on for as long as he can. There's no light at the end of the tunnel for him.
  12. It's really not anything....he needed people creating dozens of sock accounts for him to even hit the Wings React goal....and then played dumb when nobody re-upped the memberships. He'll give up on this soon....it's obviously not catching on. He's already doing the "I've offered all I can" whining.
  13. React content is "good incentives"? Lol...you say so. He's not playing with fans unless he has absolutely no choice...but who knows...with the amount of "support" tweets his been posting, it might come sooner rather then later.
  14. esi

    Answer me this…

    Oh I’m well aware that he pursues drama. I’d just love for him to acknowledge it for once. The guys a walking contradiction.
  15. esi

    Answer me this…

    I’d actually love for him to answer…I’m assuming I’d get banned right after…but still. It’s obvious short of a miracle that he’s not hitting that sub goal…so in reality no one actually wanted to see him react. I understood that logic…it was more desperation…but still, it was semi outside the box. This Wings stuff is just irrational…he’ll have a bunch of lurkers watch…but the same people will tip. Actually surprised Wings is letting him monetize it in any way.
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