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  1. I've been told by supporters that I'm not helping with so little. Wont name names but, they're regulars. As for why I donate...I don't know anymore. I stopped. I don't l;ike the whole "Phil is the absolute and never wrong, always right attitude". I dislike how everything now is wrong. if you disagree with phil you're a detractor and banned. I feel like we're being taken along for a ride. I donated $50 during his big stream. Apparently, nothing helps. No matter how much he gets paid he will never be making ends mean. I make $60k a year with my unemployed girlfriend in the city. My rent is $2k/m. I don't see how Phil is somehow always broke. He makes way more then I do and lives in a way less expensive area.
  2. I don't really understand, Phil. I guess I'm just an idiot then and not a real adult. He's "gifted" an Xbox and a laptop. He's made the tips goal multiple streams in a row and over 900 on his big marathon. So, how is he somehow still broke with a YT payment coming soon? If he's so strapped for cash why does he still eat out and not cook? How is kat not helping? She works right? I fail to understand how Phil is broke everyday. Does he have bills and taxes do daily? He instant bans you for even trying to ask. I'm supposed to just suck it up and never question him? Fuck that. *shrug* Flat out LOL. KingGokens detractors are dumber then shit. But, King Goken is a fucking moron at any rate. He talks mad shit in chat purposely trying to get detractors to attack him. Sometimes I wonder if King Vanity is King Gokens alt. Wouldn't surprise me.
  3. So, a supporter just randomly has an unopened factory sealed XsX sitting in storage for months on end and just randomly decides to send it Phils way just because? No way. There's too much. DSP was always friendly before. Sometimes he raged but, mostly never raged at people. The constant harassment by detractors turned him this way. Doesn't help he has a few people mindlessly worshipping him. His chat is like a fucking north korea. You can't say anything or you get perma'd. I made a joke, which i forgot now, and got perma'd by OiC. When I appealed in DM he told me i was a detractor and wasn't welcome anymore. I asked him how he figures I am considering I've donated a good sum of money and used superchats. His reply "idk dont make jokes about Phil. Goi ask him for his forgiveness and maybe u can come back". Surprisingly, Phil unbanned me. It's shit like this that makes me not wanna help out. Phils chats were always chill and fun. We used to roast Phil, joke around and it was all in good fun. His mods were chill too. We weren't constantly worried about detractors or acting as if Phil is the second coming. We just had chill fun with him. Nowadays, phil instantly bans anyone who criticizes him and calls you a liar or mentally ill. I don't know if the detractors did it or not., But, I mean, shit, I don't know. This constant us vs them is just fucking weird. Why can't we just ignore them?
  4. What difference does it make? His LPs are entertaining. I've said it before Phil when he puts effort into it is untouchable. He's really one of the best. I've stood by him since his KoH days.
  5. No shit he bought it. You get LIMB'd if you question Phil on this because, OIC and his suck up mods worship Phil. If Phil stopped lying he'd pretty much kill the detractor community in a single stream. Oh well I'm a detractor because I don't drink the kool aid and suck up to Phil. I donate money to him and do attend his streams. Not sure what else I can do. I get LIMB'd for asking questions, get LIMB'd for offering advice, get limb'd for simply not saying Phil is the GOAT and if disagree you're a hater. You detractors made him this way. This is your fault, really. You kept making up false stories and kept trying to fuck with him and now he's become unhinged.
  6. Well, like, that's just your opinion. But, there's a huge difference.
  7. But, he does when he isn't riding on his success pull brilliant ideas. The Feast with the king and marathons are genuinely game changers. Bravo. They've been really well received and the support has been astronomical. Phil should do more of these.
  8. It's not that old and it's still the best. I mean job well done because, he did get over $900 and a lot of new members. The Feast with the King special will be his ticket to success. Made me mad hungry.
  9. Wtf did I do? How am I not calm? Am I not allowed to critique my favorite streamer? Is Phil perfect and his streams perfect and can never be criticized? I don't understand why you went straight into attack mode over this. Do I have to prove I'm a true fan too? Want me to show my bank logs proving I've sent tips to Phil?
  10. Nothing really just a typical twitch chat humor. Phil, likely didnt even see it. OiC perma banned me seconds after I said it. Before OiC before Youtube Phil likely would have laughed at it. Thats actually another thing that really bothers me lately. Phil has become super abrasive and everything just absolutely gets him furious. He get's upset chat is dead but, when we ask him questions or talk we get banned. Can't have it both ways. Why have a chat if you'll just ignore or ban everyone? First off, I'm not a big supporter. I've donated $500-600 total. I throw $5-$10 but, never on my main accounts. I use alts because, I'm being honest Ive been harassed before. Not just by detractors but, by many of Phils supporters. I've had people ask "Why so little?" or "Wasting your money".
  11. But, the vest goal is still 100 and now he puts on a hat. Unpopular opinion: the vest and gunner glasses is the dumbest thing ever. It was good when we had a streak but, putting on a vest for money? Meh. Phil is too worried about being contrarian. He's so worried he'll be unoriginal and frankly I don't understand his views. Second; I don't feel "winning" beating the detractors. I don't really care about them. Phil seems to think everyone is a detractor and his mods are humoring him. Example; a few nights ago I made a joke about DSP and got a perma-ban by OiC. I messaged him and he told me to fuck off. Thankfully Phil unbanned me but, still ffs. Third: I feel like at this point if you aren't blowing smoke up Phils ass and bending over backwards for him you're a detractor. Anything you say contrary to what phil says makes you a detractor. Super annoying because Phil was never like this before. I get he's under pressure but, perhaps he should listen to some of our critiques instead of instant banning. Many of his mods just ban you the moment you say anything. He isn't always right. Super frustrating. I made this account mostly just to fuck around. Look. I'm a DSP fan. I've followed him since his early YT days. I'm seriously sick of being accused of being a fucking lowlife detractor for simply disagreeing with him and his over zealous mods. I just want to see him improve and his streams be around more.
  12. That's super underwhelming ngl. Phil is absolutely incorrect on this one. We don't tip because 1 or 2 people are dropping the tips goal every stream. I tip to help Phil and or show appreciation but, whats the point? Raising the tips goal isn't going to solve anything. Get rid of the tips goal but, still encourage tipping. Just show top tipper and how much he's made.
  13. So did Phil abandon his patreon? I really don't know why I'm still subbed to it if he isnt going to do anything.
  14. How am I going in circles? I genuinely do enjoy DSPs content and have donated (and I have donated a good sum). That much is not a lie. But, I do like to sometimes pretend to be a fanboy. I assumed it was obvious. How many people genuinely are devoted to DSP? I just came here randomly to see what was up. It's as dead as I imagined.
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