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  1. I can see it now DSPGaming The Movie: it's been really slow DSPGaming The Movie 2: donate to me now
  2. Dead2009


    Usually what happens when you have a social life outside of forums and youtube. Should try it sometime.
  3. Dead2009


    And then when people put Phil in his place and tell him what he didnt want to hear...they get called trolls, detractors and haters. Quite ironic.
  4. If a game is not helping his stream financially, the game is bad. It's trash. It's got bad code. Just go and watch the COD stuff. If hes bad at the game, its the games fault, not his. If the game is super popular, bringing in money and hes semi decent at it, it's a great game and he doesnt know why people arent playing it.
  5. is he honest about the gaming industry because it's not paying his bills?
  6. You say this like he gives a damn about any of the new people coming in unless theyre paying him.
  7. Casually waiting for one of them to slip up and admit theyre tipping under different accounts.
  8. Played and beat Cruis'n Blast and started Sonic Colors Ultimate this morning.
  9. He doesnt like anyone with the name Kanye like he doesnt like anyone with the name Karl apparently.
  10. Has anyone dabbled in getting one of these? If you have, are they worth it?
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