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  1. It's his stream, but Phil has often shut down any fun chatters are having especially when it doesn't involve him. Sometimes people will be joking and having a good time, then Phil pauses the game to tell the stream to talk about him or the game. It just makes people not want to chat if what you can talk about is so strict.
  2. Dragon Ball FighterZ! It's a game Phil played for a bit, and now it's in 4th season with a bunch of new characters, balance changes and mechanics. Predator: Hunting Grounds is free on steam now, it's basically like Left 4 Dead. Hollow Knight would be fun too.
  3. He responded to you pretty rudely on twitter after you gave him some sound advice, mora. I'm afraid he'll use "trolls" as an excuse to shut himself in further and stop interacting with fans.
  4. I don't know why he thinks wearing a different hat is part of being a variety streamer.
  5. Well the number one thing phil can do is a change in attitude, everything else can come later. The only suggestions he seems to take is when it comes to wearing articles of clothing or eating food. Just gaming with fans, in a private discord invite would definitely cut off any trolling especially if he's vetted them. Would be so much fun to see and Phil would get to talk to people, not just respond to words on a screen.
  6. Stick to a small amount of games he likes, instead of going for every new release. Games are not what brings viewers in, it's the personality of the streamer.
  7. Do you still feel guilty, watching his conduct yesterday? He essentially yelled at fans because they didn't want to subscribe since they weren't getting anything on youtube. Phil needs to offer meaningful perks like discord invites, game sessions, giveaways etc. Either that or improve his content and attract a bigger crowd.
  8. Yeah being more entertaining is definitely a plus, but I am saying that a lot of people enjoy drama and that's why they come to the streams. Whether Phil chooses to keep engaging them is up to him, but my advice is to not fall into that trap. But then again, viewers do donate a lot when he rages, so it's a double edged sword.
  9. It's not an exact nazi hat, but phil gets extremely incensed instead of just brushing it off. Drama can be fun sometimes, but when it's the only fun thing it's an issue.
  10. Think you can also look at the recent hat drama. If phil wanted to be like M Bison, there are plenty of M Bison hats he could order online. If he didn't find any he could simply have explained it calmly, instead of going on a tirade. Lots of people enjoy poking at him because that's when his streams become entertaining.
  11. Well I mean stuff like the Kobe Bryant and game saves comment he made, it was poorly worded and he should have just quickly apologised and left it at that. Sometimes he makes bad jokes like that one where he said "Look put that's a black woman! ....steals the backpack and runs away" and he got angry at chat when they called him out.
  12. We all make faux pas, and phil is no different. However, when he's called out on it, he doubles down, insults people and gets angry. This just leads to more drama. If Phil just went "Yeah that was my bad, sorry guys. Let's move on." People would be happy and forget about it. What do you think?
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