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  1. Yea his older stuffs were way better than what he does now because his commentary was focused just on the games, he was more unfiltered, and more enthusiastic. Todays DSP often goes on a tangent that has nothing to do with the game like money issues, trolls, and other misc stuff which really ruins the experience.
  2. It would be better if his fans tipped because they are legitimately enjoying his stream rather than tipping because they feel bad for him. Sure that'll mean less tips but he'll also get less hate. From Keemstars recent interview it sounded like he was 100% serious about the podcast, and all three of them was going to get $50k, not just Phil. He said he had no issue getting in touch with Wings and Boogie, the main issue seemed like it was impossible to get a hold of Phil and even said he called during the time he was supposed to be available. It would've been nice to see him interacting with people for once instead of just being by himself.
  3. Making pizza's a lot of fun. I have one of those Ooni grill and it cooks in 2 minutes.
  4. giovanny4312

    Be honest…

    Are you guys 100% sure it wasn't a combination of personal + business expenses? If his personal credit cards were forgiven wouldn't it be personal bankruptcy? Again, I'm not familiar with bankruptcy so just asking questions.
  5. Cat reveal was for 1k. He got 2k+ that day because someone tipped like a $1k after the tips goal was met.
  6. In my opinion I think it's fine for him to ban certain topics like politics or religion. If he wants to ban sports as well, that fine. It's his stream. What I don't understand is he wants his chat to talk to him while he's playing games. That never made sense to me because how can he do both at the same time. It should be other way. There is nothing sadder than his fans trying to interact with Phil getting ignored because he's too busy playing his game. I've seen many people repeat the same questions multiple times to get his attention and never gets answered. Other issue that I have is he'll bring up topics and expect people to not bring it up. For example, in one the prestreams he talked about plumbing issue for his bathroom. It was a big deal because he talked about it in length. The next day someone brought it up and ask for an update but got shot down by DSP saying it's non of his business. He should realize if you bring something up on stream, people will talk.
  7. giovanny4312

    Be honest…

    Ok thanks for the letting me know. I was able to find the document and you're right, the expenses are around $4-6k each month. I don't know much about bankrupcy but I'm guessing he was allowed to combine personal + business expenses. If that's the case, 4-6k range seems reasonable.
  8. giovanny4312

    Be honest…

    Where exactly did you get that figure? As a business owner that operates from home myself, I can't possibly see him spending $5000/month on business expenses alone just for streaming. To make it easier for you to understand, it's basically the same as anyone playing a game except he plays in front of an audience. He spends $5000 on games and gaming equipments? If you combine personal and business expenses, $5000 is reasonable, just for business, definitely not.
  9. Some streamers are really lazy for sure. They just watch TV shows or Youtube videos with very little commentary.
  10. giovanny4312

    Be honest…

    Is that $5,000 a month or per year? If it's per year, it's pretty reasonable. If it's per month, when you factor what is considered a business expense that is too much. As a streamer, He can deduct the following. Portion of mortgage interest Portion of all utilities, I believe up to 50%. All games All consoles and any equipments for streaming, such as desk, chair, TV, headphones etc. As for mature adult needing to get taxes done by a professional, I disagree with that. It should be based on the complexity of taxes and the budget. DSP business is straight-forward, meaning he knows exactly where the income is coming from and he should have a spreadsheet for all the expenses. There is also not a lot of ways to save on taxes because he's a sole-proprietor pass-through business entity. I would understand getting an accountant if you have the budget but he seems like he's struggling every tax season. I'm just suggesting because it's not that complicated, he can learn to do it himself and save thousands.
  11. giovanny4312

    Be honest…

    Yea that's how I would do it as well. Maybe because he paid for tax accountant recently. He should cut out the accountant and do his taxes himself though. His taxes are very straight forward and don't need an accountant to do it. That way he'll save thousands each year.
  12. He does stream more than normal streamers and work more than full time. The Main stream is around 5hours, and late stream is 3hrs so he streams total of 8hrs. That's 48hrs a week of just streaming, not including stuff he does off camera like emails, youtube uploads, twitter, youtube comment approval etc. So him saying he doesn't have time is some what justified, but he's his own boss so if he has the capacity to change it. In my opinion 2hrs for podcast is too long and i'll much prefer 30minutes and jump into the gameplay. Regarding him not going outside, if he's happy with his life, I don't see what the issue is. If he's content staying home with his wife and his cat, what the matter?
  13. giovanny4312

    Be honest…

    Brand new games are pretty expensive though. It's like $60 + tax. I'm not sure how many games he's buying this month, and he can easily spend couple hundred dollars. One positive is games are part of his business so he can deduct it for taxes.
  14. I feel SSF2T is still one of the hypest fighting games out there.
  15. DSP was definitely better back in the day but I also think people today are generally better. DSP was mainly active during pre-smartphones, pre-Youtube pre-online play. The only way people could play was playing against people locally against limited amount of people. Now people can practice against endless amount of people around the world. Also they can now study the game on youtube to see how top-level players play.
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