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  1. nobody should be eating fast food any way. They're terrible for you and I've linked to two videos why you should never touch them.
  2. His first executive action will be banning Twitch and Burger King.
  3. When he became champion of America:
  4. I agree that he shouldn't have gotten a cat since he's always struggling with money. Cost definitely adds up from liter, food, toys, and later in life, vet fees and medication. I've had a cat and we have spent thousands on vet fees during her lifetime and she died last year from lung cancer. Just hoping he won't want to have a child because that is way WAY more than cat expenses especially daycare. If he does he should definitely get his finances sorted out first. As for $2k paywall, that's not necessary true. It was $1k for the reveal and some generous person donated $1k after.
  5. I think the main reason why people stopped working with them is because the massive amount of trolls. They're afraid to get trolled for working with DSP. Back in the day when he had a 90+% likes on his videos, everyone wanted to collab with him. FREE1UP and TKK both had a friendly first to 10 and they only had nice things to say about him. As for Project7 the main thing DSP was guilty of is doing business with friends, which you should never do. If DSP hired independent contractors, I'm sure he would've been still friends with them.
  6. You can listen to this 3hr Podcast with Joe Rogan with Sanjay Gupta. It's a great way to see it from both perspectives. I'm not anti-vax and have had three covid vaccines but I don't think it should be mandated to adults and especially to kids. People need to evaluate how healthy they are. If they're very healthy and young, the mortality rate is very very low. Even lower for healhty children. If you have a pre-existing condition, obese, diabetic, old, or asthma than you should definitely get the shots. https://open.spotify.com/episode/6rAgS1KiUvLRNP4HfUePpA
  7. that's amazing he beat Justin Wong in ssf2t. His boxer was really good in his prime. I also liked how he did stuff with other content creators. Remember when he did a friendly first to 10 against a fellow street fighter Youtuber FREE1UP? That was really entertaining.
  8. People talk about Phils win of EVO 2005 but he also won EVO EAST 2007. This is a pretty hype video and it's funny how he looks exactly the same 14 years ago lol.
  9. Do you remember the friend request ridicule series? That was a classic and got a lot of views.
  10. Have you ever fought Daigo in street fighter? If not who's the most well known player that you've ever faced and what was the outcome?
  11. I do enjoy his playthroughs and his commentary are fun to listen to. I understand many people have A LOT of issues with him but I personally think the only thing he can tone down on is being super transparent about money and bills. This definitely drives a lot of people away because people watch streamers like they watch TV, to relax and escape from reality. Bills are something any adults worries about and unfortunately, they don't want to be reminded when they're trying to watch. Because of this I do miss the old DSP when he used to never talk about money and had offline sessions having fun with friends.
  12. 100%. He only plays Street fighter once a week and only for 2 hours. Years ago he play it everyday for way more hours so definitely not at his best atm. Also lag affects fighting games more than any other genres because of precise timing. There are a lot of 1 -2 frame combos, which is 1/60th pr 1/30 of a second.
  13. Yea I think we all know the answer to that. Creating negative videos get more views! And if anyone create a pro dsp video they'll be viciously attacked by trolls. Here an example of of someone defending DSP and look at all thumbs downs.
  14. Yep. He even got to the grand finals of SBO qualifier against Damdai, who is probably the best SSf2T player in the US.
  15. I think he's definitely above average in SSF2T.
  16. I'm sick of searching for DSP or DSPgaming on Youtube to see so many detractor videos. Can anyone recommend any DSP fan channels?
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