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  1. If tomorrow all the things were gone I'd worked for all my life And I had to start again With just my kitty and my wife I'd thank my lucky stars To be watching Phil today 'Cause the stream still stands for chilling And they can't take that away And I'm proud to be a Burnellian Where at least I know I'm free And I won't forget all Phil survived To bring that joy to me And I'd gladly stand up next to you And defend him still today 'Cause there ain't no doubt, I love this man God bless the DSP
  2. I'm a little bummed. I REALLY REALLY REALLY WISH I could find some way to do something big in Phil world and make a big difference in a way that went beyond just money at least directly, like something that would indirectly get him money by increased visibility, following, etc. I haven't won the lottery yet. Like if there was some concrete way to bump up visibility instead of campaigning abroad in hopes that a few would notice and check out the channel without first being discouraged or lied to by dirty trolls. I would leave one of his videos on loop if it meant bumping up view count and thus new levels of visibility past a certain threshold. That and I just like the videos. Imagine if one of his newer videos had some sort of stat exceeding even that of that one Spiderman game playthrough video that shows as his most popular. Never give up. Never surrender.
  3. I've done some donating along with some stuff behind the scenes, but I've been thinking about how Phil wants to reach a 200,000 subscriber count. I really want to help his dream come true, and though I believe it will happen at some point anyway, I'd like for it to happen faster, especially because a higher subscriber count is usually attended by a higher donor count. So I've tried different popular sites and social media avenues in which to spread the word about DSPGaming, but I want to know if anyone has any specific ways or places they recommend to bring more people to the fold. I'm happy to pay Phil but want to look into other ways to help, especially since my finances are limited; whereas I'm able and willing to do a lot of heavy lifting and really burn the midnight oil to grow the channel/empire, ha ha.
  4. How do you feel about efforts to archive your videos and would you want them to be saved somewhere like on the Internet Archive? I feel like your videos are a part of internet history that deserve to be preserved for people to find joy and discovery in, and I’d hate for them to be gone forever if something happened to your channel or even YouTube itself. Everything goes away at some point, but I think people in the future would benefit from delving into what you leave behind, which seems like it’d be appropriate to your story of perseverance and virtual immortality.
  5. Because he's The Man. Nothing less will do. The confetti and party horns and festivities should not cease one bit the whole time.
  6. Where was I sarcastic? The Loveful Truth must be borne out repeatedly and in great and varied detail in order that the masses may better internalize it, like a mantra of sorts. I did take a HATE. SHIT. recently, though, so your intuition is not far off. You may just become a DSPle yet!
  7. Nah, man, you got it all wrong. Again. DSP actually IS the best fighting game player ever because he found a hyper-specific esoteric playing style that takes the most skill to comprehend and win in. By honing in on this style, he reached a point where if others beat him, it's because they used weaker tactics and would not be able to beat him had they stepped into his domain of advanced method (which includes playing without the crutch of online errors that can derail gameplay and, by extension, Phil's streams). So he still played better than them. And if he beats them? Well, he just beat them because he's better. If everyone would just get on Phil's higher level, he would beat them no matter what on the terrestrial plane just like he already beats them on the celestial plane by having the best playing style that takes the most skill to play. But because he persists in dwelling on a higher universal level than others and thereby beating other players from the perspective of universal right, he essentially appears to lose (or what's probably more accurate, allow others to "win" in the meantime). As such, Phil is magnanimously living with the "defeats" (*spit*) he receives in the chthonic realm in a form of NOBLE SACRIFICE. So you see, by "beating" (*eyeroll*) Phil, Phil's enemies only continue to lose more than if they got on his level enough for him to beat them in matches all the time, which he would always, because his playing style is the best. But they lose either way. It's just that they paradoxically lose more by losing less. Get it? To those of us with eyes to see, Phil is doing a lot of things really fast that you CAN'T see in between the frames that you CAN see. He's like a ninja. It's just that the developers haven't yet engineered a game that is best able to accommodate his extreme powers.
  8. Any moment where Phil hit the "dun-dun-DUUUUUUNNN!" button on his soundboard and waggled his mouth back and forth while making mock panic noises.
  9. You just...Don't...Get it, do you? What you get is pride and honor, because DSP streams are the best streams and you help them continue and grow. What's more, you help YOURSELF continue and grow, because the more DSP streams continue and grow, the more you get to engage with them. Because they're the best, you're only ultimately helping yourself in the end by doing what it takes to help them continue and grow -- which entails, among other things...Becoming a member. It's simple logic. It's not a matter of "asking what [x] can do for [y]" in the first place because Phil already did the most for you from the beginning. Look at me -- I became a member from behind the scenes and my grass grew greener than ever before recently. I won a lifetime supply of turtlewax and got hit on by the lunch lady instead of ME having to do all the WORK for a change. It happened to me and it can happen to you. You just gotta believe. Just become a member. Just...Just...DO IT AAAAARRGGGHH! You get so many benefits. Those benefits? The same thousands upon thousands of videos of wonderful content that DSP has created, BUT with an added sheen to them all. At first you can't quite place it, what the sheen is and where it comes from. But then you realize the videos are all the more beautiful because you earned them that much more by becoming a member. The sights greater, the sounds sweeter, the ass references phatter. You weep as a dove descends and realize this is what you should've done all along, aside from copious tips that should NEVER stop. You see, by giving, you find not only that Phil continues to give back even more than he's already given (which is to say way more important than even any firefighter or surgeon), but the UNIVERSE gives back. That is the esoteric truth. That is the SECRET. And that is what something ONLY APPROXIMATING 300 people currently know. The people making up that different between the current amount and the vaunted 300 are sadly lost souls, to say nothing of the masses of people who have fallen away from the grace of DSP over the years (if they even were blessed enough to know at all). Wake up, open your mind, and become a member. It's the right thing to do, and that is more than any emoji or reward or perk or what have you could ever grant. Phil knows this and that's why he keeps the measly rewards sparse, because he wants people to become more deeply attuned to the intrinsic value of supporting Phil and the universal peace and grace that floods them when they are focused primarily on supporting Phil and aren't distracted by the paltries of the world -- paltries which he himself could keep and harness for the continued bettering of DSPGaming and, by extension, all of humankind. He knows that by being rewarded less the people are actually being rewarded MORE. It's like the ancients said: "Just pay, it's okay."
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