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  1. So? Finding common ground is part of having a conversation with someone. It's a healthy social skill to have that you can't get from a chat box. Also, everyone involved is some kind of gamer so they could just start with that.
  2. Oh I know. The only thing he's working on during a day off is acquiring more Hogan jpegs.
  3. He's always saying how he only has his one day off, but if he had actual podcast income he could probably afford to take 2 days off, have one day for the podcast, and then his regular streams for the other 4 days of the week. Plus having income from this podcast and from youtube could mean he could handle all his bills and other little expenses like his shower and vacuum cleaner. Or the meal out with his wife and supplies for the cat. And then maybe if he isn't begging for tips all day every day for all those "expenses" then his stream might grow. Obviously this will never happen but, you know, would be good for him.
  4. 1). Keemstar's net worth last year was $2 million. $50k is literally nothing too him. It's silly to assume that he wouldn't, especially when Phil won't even talk to him. 2). Also, interview? What? Keem wanted a phone call to pitch his podcast idea to Phil. His podcast idea that came with a $50k sign-on bonus upfront, and then more money from the actual podcast. He's not trying to trick Phil he's trying to have a conversation with you. He has a podcast idea that he believes will make good money and he's offering you a spot. I can't believe Phil was being so paranoid about not having anything in writing, too. Phil, he wants to pitch you his idea before he gets a contract written up how do you not get this you have a business degree. Sounds to me like Phil is making up every excuse he can to change nothing about his life and keep taking money from his audience twice daily, six times a week.
  5. Thinking about this again. It's fucked up that he said $50k was life changing and would pay off all of his debts and everything, but then still said he would rather continue to take money from his viewers every day. All he had to do was be an adult and pick up the phone and pause the stream for like 30 minutes to talk.
  6. Of course he should have done it. Keem even said he would front the money. Easiest $50k of anyone's life lmao He probably realized that receiving this $50k payment along with his monthly youtube payments would mean it would be harder for him to cry poor to get tips from people. He is stubbornly sitting on his sinking ship and refusing to put on the Life Jacket because he doesn't like who threw it too him.
  7. Ah yeah good 'ol Virtua Fighter. I was thinking about the more modern rollback made for GGPO back in 2009. Really the most wasted opportunity from Sega was them re-releasing VF5:FS without rollback. I'd still be playing that if the online was better.
  8. If you can't afford a $4 membership you shouldn't be thinking about donating to Phil. Besides, he has gifted memberships again so someone will just come donate 100 of them lmao
  9. It could happen, but it would require a level of self-reflection and self-improvement that Philip doesn't seem to be capable of anymore.
  10. Incentives to become a member are nice and all but even if Phil comes up something more enticing I don't think it will help, all the people who like him enough to become a member have already done so. He needs to pull in new people who will stick around in his streams long enough to want to pay for a membership and I just don't see that happening.
  11. Soul Calibur 2 is widely regarded as the best Soul Calibur game in the competitive scene. SC3 was busted but fun, and 5 and 6 were/are great. And while I did not personally play any online Dreamcast games, I can guarantee there was not "seldom lag" when the majority of people in the US were either still on dial-up or only had DSL lmao. PS2 had online for some fighting games and it was horrendous there too. Fighting games have had bad netcode for so long because Japan was developing these games for Japan and Delay Based netcode works fine in a small country with dense cities and good internet infrastructure. They also just kind of did not care about the scenes outside of Japan either so they weren't ever concerned with how the netcode worked elsewhere.
  12. KOFXV has rollback netcode; DSP wasn't getting any lag lmao. With how Rollback netcode works, if there is lag, the game will "rollback" however many frames it needs to keep the players synced up. The number of frames are displayed along with the PING throughout the entire match. If the connection is laggy you'd see it rolling back on screen. He likes to blame lag when he's getting his ass beat, but that excuse doesn't work in games with Rollback. Also I've played KOFXV matches from Seattle to New York on both PS4 and PC with no issues. The lag he is probably actually experiencing is input lag from the console and the TV he's playing on. The PS5 version of KOFXV has about 5 frames of input delay by itself and who knows how laggy his big TV is. I don't think you'll ever see Phil touch KOF again lmao, sorry. He doesn't understand how KoF works at all.
  13. Uploading to youtube doesn't take that long. He has time to celebrate with his wife and cat.
  14. Actually he ran into LIJoe, an Evo 2016 Top 8 finalist for SFV. Joe was also streaming when they ran into each other so someone grabbed both streams and overlayed them together: https://www.reddit.com/r/kof/comments/szkoh7/dsp_getting_destroyed_by_lijoe/
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