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  1. What? It worked at the time. Lol
  2. Calm down username of a character from a Michael Bay Transformers movie (LadiesMan2166). Don't make me go Nine-Tails on you...
  3. Still, that thread is mostly true. Even if I'm wrong about a thing or two, IK a dreamcast is coming. Believe it!
  4. Well, my thread got locked. Great. Well, mess with me all you want people. I've been a target most of my life, so what you're doing won't change my life a bit. Just informing you now. Also, by what's your definition of a good PS4 game? Are you looking for shooters,platformers,etc?
  5. Just face it...*puts on shades* You guys are too slow!
  6. Well, all you guys can diss Sega and Sonic for all I care. I'll keep with this until the very end, cause IK it's true. Believe it!
  7. Wait, your birthday is today? How coincidental. Mine was the day before yesterday. Happy Birthday! Also, they're making a new dreamcast.
  8. Believe it! http://www.projectdream.co/
  9. Ah, c'mon. No love for Naruto Uzumaki?
  10. no Sorry guys. My phone sucks when it comes to replies. Anyway, whatcha think of my new profile pic?
  11. This is some bunker...are we fortifying it with some kind of titanium, reinforced alloy or something?
  12. Won't say I haven't gone through bad times myself, but I have to keep pushing to try and make things better sometimes.
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