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  1. Hey man been awhile since i've been on here hope everythings doing fine on your end.

    1. sateler96


      Yeah i barely on this site when i am i usually put my reviews and wrestling stuff

  2. Bad Religions - Fuck armagedon this is hell.
  3. Thank God there not gonna rape indi again.
  4. will it take us 50 years to get there?
  5. Just started listening to Volbeat love there new album seal the deal & lets boogie
  6. I agree with you on that my old friend which is stupid if anybody actually believes that's why its getting hated one because of women it just doesn't look appealing.
  7. Honestly this movie doesn't look good me and my friends aren't gonna go see it we just aren't in this cause it just doesn't look good. and as for the new theme yeah im gonna purge that garbage with the extreme ghost busters theme. (why they didn't make that into the next movie i have no idea)
  8. Been watching the new jojo part 4 anime loving it so far also saw the season 1 finally of My hero academia and i've been watching Kabaneri of the Ironfortress season finaly is gonna be crazy can't wait.
  9. I've been needing to get fire emblem looking for forward to the new pokemon games need to decide which one though.
  10. I wanna play that but im poor at the moment been wanting to get the new odin sphere lately though
  11. i have been fairly good Noir how have you been?
  12. Happy Birthday and stuff mate.
  13. Burnout 3 takedown Ratchet and clank: Up your arsenal Ratchet: Deadlock Tony Hawks Underground 1 and 2 Grand Theft Auto: San Andrease Syphon Filter 1
  14. What in the blue flaming bullshit am i reading?
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