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  1. This show will fail hard No Robin, Nightwing, Red hood, or Batgirl
  2. Well yeah Banjo had more polish and graphics were a bit better and a bit funner
  3. Lol it is one of the best games i still enjoy playing it and the fact people still play it shows its legacy
  4. We don't know if it will be on the same level though
  5. Wish we could get another game like it tbh Truth or Square is fun
  6. https://comicbookmovie.com/the_flash/the-flash-star-ezra-miller-threatened-cop-with-hate-crime-charge-due-to-incorrect-pronoun-usage-during-arrest-a193831 Jesus Christ
  7. Prob had to rush a trailer out
  8. OOOOOOOOF THAT CGI IS FUCKING ROUGH Jesus you drop a trailer qith that bad of cgi This definitely dropped loqer my anticipation now
  9. https://comicbookmovie.com/league_of_extraordinary_gentlemen/the-league-of-extraordinary-gentlemen-reboot-in-the-works-at-20th-century-studios-a193822 Hopefully they do it fucking right this time 1st movie is Abomination its so bad it retired a Legend
  10. Or Homelander and a Super Butcher just have a super brawl
  11. Well if we get another season which we prob will i think it will end on a cliffhanger with Homelander and Black Noir killing Solider Boy in front of the world showing the world ehat kind of person he is
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