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  1. Here are this winners for this Weekend 1. Don't Worry Darling - $19.2 Million 2. The Woman King - $11.1 Million 3. Avatar Re Release - $10 Million 4. Barbarian - $4.8 Million 5. Pearl - $1.9 Million Top Gun: Maverick is now at $1.471 Billion Jurassic World: Dominion is now at $1 Billion Minions: The Rise of Gru is now at $919 Million Here are my Predictions for next weekend 1. Smile 2. Bros. 3. Don't Worry Darling 4. The Woman King 5. Barbarian
  2. I dont think it not being connected to Snyders JL will hurt it at the box office i think the lack of talk the major casual audiences don't really care for this tbh
  3. Maybe just dont wanna see Joe Burrow go 0-3
  4. NFL Season (2022) - Week 3 Predictions My Record 18-13-1 Steelers vs. Browns - Steelers win Bills vs. Dolphins - i have no idea lol im gonna im go with Bills Bengals vs. Jets - Bengals win Raiders vs. Titans - Raiders win Saints vs Panthers - Panthers win Lions vs. Vikings - Vikings win Eagles vs. Commanders - Eagles wjn Chiefs vs Colts - Chiefs win Texans vs. Bears - Bears win Jaguars vs. Chargers - Chargers win Rams vs. Cardinals - Cardinals win Packers vs. Buccaneers - Buccaneers win Falcons vs. Seahawks - Seahawks win 49ers vs. Broncos - 49ers win Cowboys vs. Giants - Giants win
  5. Barbarian - Review (2022) The Good Zach Cregger's Direction and writing. Georgina Campbell's performance Bill Skarsgård and Justin Long are good too The kills are brutal. Its a Simple movie that makes you think 1 way and totally just gives a twist you don'expect. Makeup effects are great. The Bad It just ends Final Thoughts: Barbarian is another great horror film of this year. Overall Grade: A
  6. Yeah i still need to watch it same with Pearl,
  7. The Munsters - Review (2022) The Good Nothing The Bad Rob Zombie's terrible Direction and writing is horrendous. The writing using modern language. Rob Zombie doesn't understand comedy at all just like how he doesn't understand horror. Jeff Daniel Phillips is not Herman Munster hes almost like a sppof of Fred Gwynne. Sheri Moon Zombie as Lily Munster is terrible once again Sheri can't act for shit and is definitely not Yvonne De Carlo Daniel Roebuck is definitely not Al Lewis as The Count. The decision to film in color was a dunbass decision. It feels like a terrible spoof that mocks The Munsters instead of respects just like his shit pile Halloween. All the supporting characters acting was really bad mainly cause of Zombie's awful script. Final Thoughts: This proves another point that Rob Zombie should just stick to music cause he cant direct or write and Netflix is dumb for wasting money to get this. Overall Grade: Fuck You Rob Zombie
  8. Here are this Weekends Numbers 1. The Woman King - $19 Million 2. Barbarian - $6.3 Million 3. Pearl - $3.124 Million 4. See How They Run - $3.1 Million 5. Bullet Train - $2.5 Million Top Gun: Maverick is now at $1.463 Billion Here are my Predictions for next Weekend 1. Avatar Re Release 2. Don't Worry Darling 3. The Woman King 4. Barbarian 5. Pearl
  9. In regular season, he cant get the job done after the first SB lol
  10. Im just tired of his cry baby bitching last week he out his wr under the bus Then practice better with them
  11. Browns fans support a pervert basically and eh he always does this he will choke by whoever in playoffs
  12. You see the Browns fans literally brought a dummy with a boner getting a happy ending to a tail gate in support of Watson
  13. Trey Lance prob out for the season
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