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  1. Hello! Please post up your questions HERE for a chance to be answered on the next episode of Ask the King, Tentatively scheduled for Sept. 8, 2022. Thanks!!!
  2. Please post up your questions here for the next episode of Ask the King! I will review all questions and pick the best ones to be used in the next edition of the show! Good luck!
  3. Please post up your questions HERE for a chance that they'll be answered on the next episode of Ask the King, and thanks!!!
  4. Hello everyone! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King, schedule to take place in December 2021, here! Thanks and good luck!
  5. Hello everyone! It's that time again where YOU nominate games for my upcoming Halloween marathon event! The games do NOT have to be horror-themed, but those are certainly welcomed given that it's a Halloween event! Please nominate games you want to see here, based on the following criteria: 1. No game I've already played in the last 2 years 2. No RPGs or lengthy games that would take hours to get into (as I'm only playing each game for roughly an hour or so) 3. No Street Fighter V. Sorry, I just hate the game and am not ever going back to it. 4. No games that are not easily accessible on a modern console. For example, a game that's readily available to play off of PSN or Xbox Live for PS3/4/5, or Xbox 360/One/Series X is fine. An obscure game for PS2 only that requires the game disc to play and costs $100 off of Amazon/eBay is NOT going to happen! 5. NO PC GAMES! Sorry but with my current setup, my CPU could not handle running a game AND capturing at 1080p/60fps simultaneously. The games that are most nominated will make it to a final poll which you will vote on, and the most-voted games will make it into the final event! Thanks and good luck!
  6. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King, tentatively scheduled for September 30, 2021, here and thanks!
  7. Hello! Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King here, and thanks! Good luck!
  8. The nominations are IN! Please vote on the game(s) YOU want to see me play a marathon, and then full playthrough of, based on your previous nominations here on the forums! Please note, you can vote for more than one game! Good luck!
  9. Please post up your nominations for the upcoming Retro Replay marathon/playthrough event here! The games that are MOST nominated will end up in a final poll to determine the winner! The winner will then be played in a marathon-style stream for 7+ hours of gameplay to get the playthrough started, THEN turn into a standard playthrough that fits into my normal streaming schedule. Here are the criteria! 1. The game must be a game I've ALREADY PLAYED for YouTube from the year 2015 OR EARLIER. No games played later than 2015 will be accepted. 2. The game must NOT be a multiplayer game, but instead be a single-player narrative based experience (i.e. a game with an actual plot and ending). 3. I must not have played the game a second time after 2016 (but if I replayed it before that, such as Fallout, then it's still eligible!). 4. Like all of my events, the game must be readily available to play on PS3/4/5, Xbox One/360, or Nintendo Wii/Wii U/Switch via physical or digital means. That means no obscure Nintendo 64/PS1-era games that I might have played before I adopted direct capture that cannot be played on a modern console! 5. SPECIFICALLY, The Elder Scrolls Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, and Mass Effect 1 and 3 are not eligible as I already have plans to play those games in the future anyway. 6. Think of games that would benefit significantly from having direct capture, live streaming, facecam and stream viewer interaction which didn't exist in the first playthrough! Good luck!
  10. So this is way easier than I though it would be. Danganronpa V3 has 7 fake votes, so the correct total is actually 56 votes. But the second place game, Max Pain 2, has NINE fake votes. That means it only has 47 actual votes. Since nothing else even reached 56 votes, fake or no, Danganronpa V3 wins.
  11. Please post up your questions for the next episode of Ask the King HERE! Thank you!
  12. This is IT! Please vote for any an all of these games you'd like to see me play as a FULL PLAYTHROUGH on stream starting later this month, and thanks! NOTE: YES, you can vote for more than 1!
  13. Please post up your nominations for the upcoming Viewers' Choice game playthrough event here! PLEASE SEE BELOW for qualifying criteria before you nominate a game! All games that are nominated MUST be readily available on a digital network to download and play, including Playstation Store, Nintendo Store, Xbox Live or Steam. In regards to a PC game, the game must NOT be graphically intensive or demanding. Otherwise, the game must be able to be readily played on an active console (PS3/4/5, Xbox 360/One, or Wii/Wii U/Switch). If a game is nominated that is disc-only and is incredibly rare or expensive, or for a console I cannot capture from (such as Playstation 1) then it will be IMMEDIATELY eliminated from consideration. In addition, NO LENGTHY RPGS are to be considered this time around. After back-to-back events with Fire Emblem Three Houses and now Divinity Original Sin 2, we absolutely need something that has more variety and is NOT going to be drawn out over the course of 3 or more months. However, to clarify, visual novels (like Danganronpa) would be eligible as they are different enough to be considered. NO multiplayer games are eligible. The goal here isn't to see me do a bunch of multiplayer sessions, but to complete an actual narrative-based playthrough of a game. Games which have been eliminated from previous nominations (SFV, Code Vein etc.) are NOT eligible, including games I said I'd never play again (like DK64). OKAY, outside of that, GOOD LUCK with your nominations! The games that are most nominated will make it to a final poll to determine the winner!
  14. Hello everyone! Please post up your nominations for YOUR favorite moments in my 12+ years as a content creator on the internet here in this thread! I'll be using these as a rough guidelines of what we'll be watching back during the upcoming Retrospective Marathon event, which will happen around the end of January 2021! Some rough guidelines: 1. You may want to review previous retrospectives to make sure we didn't already watch back what you're suggesting! 2. All game playthroughs, vlogs, reviews and more are eligible, with a few exceptions: -Nothing using copyrighted/licensed music (my old edited stuff pre-DSPGaming did a bit) -Nothing including my ex 3. When you suggest something, include a link both to the video as well as suggested timestamps of the "good moments" you'd like us to watch back live on stream! That's it! Thanks in advance and good luck!
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