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  1. Personally i like fallout as my number 1 but mass effect is right on its heels
  2. wait are the av cords [ the wires connecting the n64 to the tv] the same as the av cords on the ps2? [ yellow, white, red] if so try switching them over and see if it works. [ it is possible the N64 av cord is damaged]
  3. bought an xbox 360 for halo 3 but then xbox broke after a year. saw [ initially] motorstorm and bought a ps3 [ funny thing is by the time i bought the ps3 motorstorm sold out, so i had to make do with call of duty]
  4. fallout 4 [ rumored release date to be end of 2015]
  5. fallout 3 and new vegas had really good stories. its a shame new vegas was plagued by so many bugs.
  6. ​i couldn't have said it better myself 1,2,3
  7. mass effect 3 for sure. also got a little invested in far cry 4 as well, but mass effect , the choices and that damm soundtrack https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGHA9oO1Ybg . mass effect 2 was more epic than emotional.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NPBpigwqOY
  8. ​How do you feel about the sons of kojima?
  9. ​really? interesting but why did lucas pick Hayden?
  10. ​heh yea that very true. i never saw the point to the prequels. if he was going to do the story of the young anakin skywalker and all that he should have done it from the start. LOL when star wars episode IV came out [before the prequels were even in the making] i generally thought i had missed three episodes
  11. i can't remember its name. but it was a ps2 game. it had tanks and boats and all that in it. think it was a ww2 game. its the only game i couldnt finish, well it would be more accurate to say couldn't start. because i couldn't get past the 1st level of it
  12. ​that was funny wasnt it? can't remember what pepper he used though. i go back and rewatch it.
  13. they should take a trip to britain and try some british fish and chips
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