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  1. I'm pumped for this game, the visuals look great and I really enjoyed Dark Souls 2.
  2. Oh man wish it was still out this year, I'm sure it will be well worth the wait.
  3. I have a feeling Sony will sell a lot more with the release of Bloodborne later this month.
  4. Only thing for me right now is Bloodborne and possibly at a future date DMC definitive.
  5. Wow that is a steal! Was this approved by Microsoft? Are they trying to get more sales for their console as they have been lagging behind a bit from Sony?
  6. I go retail simply for the trade in money back to gamestop for pre-orders to save money on the next game.
  7. Very interested in this PPV as it is the final build up before mania. I think some of these could go either way. I honestly think Reigns will go over Bryan in this one, regardless if they make mania a triple threat I still see Roman coming out champion and then having Rollins cash in the next night on RAW. Rusev gets DQ'd rematch at mania Cena takes the US title (why? to bring back "importance" to the title? let Rusev be an unstoppable monster). I love Paige but people have me thinking she loses and then rematches at mania to have her first ever wrestlemania moment (I'm ok with the loss if she gets a title shot and wins at mania). I like both Wade and Dean so I don't care who wins as long as they keep the crowd entertained. I like Usos but Kidd and Cesaro are a really cool team and they compliment each other so I'm rooting for them. Dust brothers? I thought they would have saved this match for mania but it seems the rumors about Goldust retiring from in ring competition may be true, regardless Cody/Stardust goes over his brother.
  8. Pretty quiet for me in February just The Order 1886. Waiting for Bloodborne and DMC: Definitive edition come March.
  9. Anybody watch the NXT special from this week? Great show top to bottom, we are in for a great next 4 episodes according to HHH. Over the next couple weeks we are going to see an appearance on NXT by Rhyno and The Brian Kendrick. They both worked matches at the tapings but they aren't signed and were there just to help out the talent in the ring according to some sites.
  10. Damn you Microsoft and your timed exclusive!
  11. Sin Cara and Kalisto dropped the WWE NXT Titles because officials have been toying with a new gimmick for Kalisto, according to verified WWE insider MetsFan4Ever on Reddit.He reports that WWE is looking for a new masked star to take over with Rey Mysterio likely leaving but NXT officials recently tried Kalisto out with a new, unmasked gimmick - that of a gay hair stylist.Kalisto reportedly did very well in the role and is seriously being considered to do that gimmick instead of continuing with the Kalisto character. http://www.lordsofpain.net/news/wwe/Backstage_News_on_a_WWE_NXT_Superstar_Possibly_Debuting_a_New_Gay_Hair_Stylist_Gimmick.html Honestly if this is seriously true I feel bad for Kalisto, he is super over in NXT and they want to change his character why? This reminds of of Leo Kruger, another character that was over in NXT and then they decided to change him into Adam Rose and look how that turned out on the main roster...
  12. That podcast with Austin and HHH was 100x better than the one with Vince, Vince gave shitty answers and dodged stuff. HHH spoke freely with nothing to hide (other than trying to keep quiet about his match with Sting most likely at Mania this year) and gave truthful answers.
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