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  1. It's actually about which you like better. While it is true that Holo (or Horo) is probably stronger than life fibers alone, that is not the point. Also, be sure to look for ADB #3 which was just posted!
  2. SinTheKid

    ADB #3

    Anime Death Battle RETURNS! I will not be doing this weekly anymore, but it will be done every so often. Last battle's winner Kill La Kill Vs. Soul Eater!
  3. Cast your votes!
  4. I was gonna say it seems like no one else is voting now, but someone else voted for KLK. It looks like we have a winner, so on Monday we will see KLK Vs. some other anime. Check it out on Monday!
  5. Last day of June! What games to play...

  6. Looks like KLK is winning so far. Will be cool to see who wins by next Monday.
  7. Shit like this is why America revolted, man. No, but seriously, how retarded can you be? PAY ATTENTION, YA IGNORANT FOOL!
  8. Just something I thought I'd do for fun. Will do this every Monday. NO ARGUING!
  9. Ryback just clotheslined Stone Cold so hard it froze my game, lol.

  10. Ah America, the only place where people complain about rainbows and confederate flags in the same week.

  11. Hey Phil, feel free to answer any of these, or even all if you want. Or just answer none of them. I'm just someone on the internet, not a cop. Question #1: Would you ever consider having music in your videos during stream and such? If so, what kind of music would you listen to? Question #2: What is your opinion on how YouTube handles its copyright monitoring? It's been a while since they started cracking down more, and I was wondering if you thought maybe they should take the fair use law into more consideration than they do. Question #3: Would you ever consider trying to play Magic the Gathering on Xbox at some point? It's a card game that is older than I am (18), and is pretty interesting. I think it'd be neat to watch you play it at least a little bit. Also, it would be interesting if you know anything about MTG, and would be cool to hear you say your opinion on it. Question #4: What do you use to record games on your computer? I have OBS, but it doesn't run well with most games for me despite having decent RAM, a decent processor, and all that. Question #5: After playing Pokemon last year, would you ever consider playing more when the next title(s) release? Also, would you ever bother checking out info on stuff you don't know online, such as Pokemon type advantages and resistances or Pokemon stats?
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