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  1. yeah, cause I had my VPN set to Germany and it actually worked and can watch the video again, which is pretty cool
  2. it's fun to watch the old THEKINGOFHATEHD vids here in the US
  3. i can now see them as well cause I got a VPN might take the time to reupload the ones banned in the US for peeps to see
  4. has anyone ever downloaded all the old DSP Tries it from the KINGOFHATEHD channel; the ones one YT got wiped hard and is unavailable and the ones that got reuploaded is grouped in with the detractors
  5. sorry to bump this thread, but i'm looking for a good GPU like OP suggested, but instead of GTA IV, my game(s) that I would be playing is GTA V and WWE2K16 on Ultra with some elbow room thanks in advance
  6. i went in knowing that this game ain't going to be GOTY it's WWE2K15 and Duke Nukem Forever all over again
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed THPS5, i blame Activision
  8. KeSwickk

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    somebody changed it again
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