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  1. Awesome. However, as I said earlier, it also depends on the incarnation of Solomon Grundy. There have some incarnations of Grundy that are either just as strong if not possibly stronger than Superman.
  2. Yeah, that shit was funny. Anyways, did you get my new message?
  3. Hello True Believers, Do I have a good one for you today? Today, I am going to matchup two powerhouse character that could potentially shake the ground beneath them. I give you: Solomon Grundy VS. Red Hulk LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!! Solomon Grundy Real Name: Cyrus Gold First Appearance: All-American Comics Vol. 1 #61 (October, 1944) Origin and backstory: Cyrus Gold was born some time around the early 19th century. In the year 1895, he had carried on an affair with a local prostitute from Gotham City named Rachel Rykel. According to Rykel, she was pregnant with Gold's child, and sought to extort money from him for her silence. Cyrus met with her for a secret negotiation at Slaughter Swamp, several miles outside of Gotham. When Gold refused to yield to blackmail, Rachel's pimp, Jem, dashed Cyrus across the back of the head with a shovel. They buried Gold in the swamp, content that no one would ever come looking for him. Over the span of fifty years, Gold’s body interacted with the detritus and sour vegetation of the swamp. Through an as of yet unknown process, Cyrus Gold's corpse transformed into a rotting, vegetative undead monstrosity that the world would soon come to know as Solomon Grundy. In 1944, Cyrus Gold's corpse was reanimated as a huge shambling figure with almost no memory of its past life. Gold murdered two escaped criminals who were hiding out in the marsh and stole their clothes. He showed up in a hobo camp and, when asked about his name, one of the few things he could recall was that he was "born on a Monday". One of the men at the camp mentioned the nursery rhyme character Solomon Grundy, and Gold adopted the moniker. Strong, vicious, and nearly mindless, Solomon Grundy fell into a life of crime — or, perhaps returned to one according to his scattered residual memories — attracting the attention of the Green Lantern, Alan Scott. Grundy proved to be a difficult opponent, unkillable (since he was already dead) and with an inherent resistance to Scott's powers (which could not affect wood, a substance of which Grundy's reassembled body was now largely composed). Their first fight ended when Grundy was hurled under a train. The second battle with Grundy involved Green Lantern and his fellow members of the Justice Society of America tracking him across the country, depositing Grundy on the moon once he was defeated. A subsequent battle between the two ended up with Lantern burying Grundy in 1947. Solomon Grundy would then continue to a major threat in the DC Universe for many years. He even helped form the infamous Legion of Doom. Here are his powers, abilities, and skills: Zombie Physiology Energy Transference: Grundy has also proven to be able to absorb certain forms of energy and manipulate them at will. This ability has always been subconscious to the point of being accidental, though, but it would suggest that Grundy is even more powerful than he has the intelligence to realize. Mystical Invulnerability: The weird elemental energy that imbues his form with pseudo-life makes him virtually indestructible - he is impervious to bullets, fire, and extreme cold, and can survive indefinitely without food, water, or oxygen. The only thing that has ever been able to hurt him, was the Mist's special toxins, developed to take out Grundy's plant tissue body. Regeneration: Grundy also has a healing factor Superhuman Stamina: Grundy can perform physically strenuous tasks for an indeterminate period of time before tiring. Resurrection: Even when he is destroyed, he has always been reborn sooner or later. The soul of Cyrus Gold enjoys his pseudo-life through Grundy, even though Gold's whole personality is never present in Grundy's "life". Grundy's personality differs from incarnation to incarnation, but he seems to retain some memories of his experiences from one time to the next. Vast Superhuman Strength: Solomon Grundy possesses tremendous strength and stamina, the level of which varies with his different incarnations. Sometimes he can be held by a group of normal humans, on other occasions, even Superman has not been able to defeat him. Red Hulk Real Name: General Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross First Appearance: The Incredible Hulk Vol. 1 #1 (March, 1962); Hulk Vol. 2 #1 (March, 2008) as Red Hulk Origin: Ross' daughter Betty was later killed by Abomination, and the Hulk was exiled off of Earth by a group of superheroes. The grief of his daughter's death, along with lacking a purpose now that there was no Hulk on Earth to fight, led Thaddeus to spiral into alcoholism and depression. On the night that Captain America was assassinated, Ross was watching the events on a television in a bar when suddenly all of the patrons in the bar except for Ross were launched into a trance, and Ross was approached by the villains M.O.D.O.K and the Leader. The two interlopers told Ross that Hulk would return to Earth sometime soon and seek vengeance on those who had exiled him. Using revenge upon the Hulk and a promise that they would bring his daughter back to life as leverage, the two villains eventually convinced Ross to help them with their plans. Thus, when Hulk eventually did return and initiated the event "World War Hulk," Ross helped fight in the battle against Hulk while communicating with his new allies. With the help of M.O.D.O.K., the Leader, and a previous friend of the Hulk's named Doc Samson, the quartet used satellites to siphon energy from the Hulk and even recover Bruce Banner's body in the aftermath of the battle using Life-Model Decoys posing as S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. Transporting Banner's body away to a secret base, Ross' three allies used the body and the energy they had siphoned from the Hulk to turn Ross into the monstrous Red Hulk—a red-skinned beast with similar size and strength to that of the regular Hulk, but with the ability for Ross to consciously transform between his human form and Red Hulk at any time he chose. Here are his powers, abilities, and skills: Transformation: Red Hulk will not transform between forms without consciously willing it. For example when he was knocked out by Hulk, A-Bomb, and Thor, he did not revert for hours even though he was unconscious. Though he has sometimes changed back when asleep. Vast Superhuman Strength: Red Hulk possesses vast superhuman strength. He can augment it by absorbing radiation. Red Hulk has performed some extraordinary feats of strength which include over-powering and killing the Abomination with relative ease, defeating an Odinforce-powered Thor in a one-on-one fight (though it should be noted that Thor was unprepared for him as he defeated Ross immediately after returning to Earth and later in a subsequent fight when the Red Hulk sought his aid and did not fight in earnest), punching out the Watcher, and killing an Elder of the Universe. In a fight with the original Hulk, the narration describes the Red Hulk striking with the force of a nuclear explosion. Superhuman Leaping: Red Hulk's overdeveloped legs allows him to jump over vast distances. In his fight with Thor he was able to leap past the Earth's atmosphere, requiring Mjolnir only to cover the rest of the distance to the moon and then leapt from the moon back to Earth unaided. Regenerative Healing Factor: Red Hulk possesses a Healing Factor similar to that of the Green Hulk, although it's noticeably less powerful, as it took a considerable period of time to just restore his sight after Wolverine slashed his eyes. Retarded Aging: Red Hulk does not age because of his healing factor that regenerates his cells and that he is powered by gamma and cosmic energy, but when he was Ross he still aged. Superhuman Stamina: Red Hulk's stamina is nigh-limitless and can constantly fight, run and perform physical activities without any tire. Superhuman Durability/Nigh-Invulnerability: Red Hulk has an incredibly durable body, and has physically been able to withstand a direct blow to the face with Thor's hammer Mjölnir, only to laugh it off with only an "X" caved into his face. He has also taken on multiple super-humans at one time, effectively shaking them off and decisively beating them multiple times. Though Powerhouses Such as Hulk, Thor, Angrir and Iron-man still damage him, and in time it may result in a KO. His skin and muscle, being as thick and dense as it is, allows for Rulk to survive deep sea depth equal to those seen in the Marianas Trench with no ill physical effects outside of the need for oxygen. He can also withstand direct contact with molten lava and can operate in a fiery environment with little worry of external damage. His body is tough enough to survive the conditions of space itself, at one point not only jumping to the moon while dragging Thor behind him, but also leaping back to Earth and surviving unscathed a deep crater-forming impact. However, unlike the other Hulk, the Red Hulk in particular has a weakness to sharp objects. Characters such as Wolverine and Punisher managed to pierce the Red Hulk's hide. Superhuman Speed: Red Hulk can move at superhuman speeds as well. Once he moved too fast for an unprepared Iron Man to react. Gamma Radiation Emission: Red Hulk constantly gives off gamma radiation. The rate of emission is increased the angrier he gets. This radiation sometimes burns what even Ross touches, and at high levels, makes Ross appear to be on fire. If Ross emits too much radiation, he overheats and can explode in immense levels, which could be dangerous for his opponents. Energy Absorption: Red Hulk is capable of absorbing energy. He said in his confrontation against the Hulk and his Defenders that he absorbs energy, mostly gamma, but that he has a real taste for cosmic power. He has also absorbed (and taken for himself) the Silver Surfer's power cosmic, leaving him powerless on the ground while Red Hulk flew away on his board. Formidable hand-to-hand combatant, skilled military tactician. Battle Breakdown: Man oh man, we got an interest fight folks. We have two Hulk-like characters going at it. To me, this is a toss up. Solomon Grundy is incredibly powerful, but, his raw power varies from incarnation to incarnation. Red Hulk is also incredibly powerful, but, not quite as powerful as the original Hulk. So as always, I'll leave it up to you guys. Is it Solomon Grundy or Red Hulk? I hope you guys enjoy this fight and I'll see ya'll later. PEACE!!!
  4. Here's another awesome She-Hulk video for you guys:
  5. Anyways, since the She-Hulk trailer dropped, here is a She-Hulk related video:
  6. That is not an excuse. I am sorry. However, I do believe they'll improve the CGI in future trailers.
  7. I agree the CGI is bad, but the story does look interesting. Nonetheless, I am still disappointed in the CGI.
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