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  1. @GuessWhat, @sateler96, @musicboy, Stay tuned for my long awaited review of the 1996 Incredible Hulk animated series on the TV Show review thread. I've been wanting to talk about this show for years.
  2. @KGhaleon I submitted my application to be a mod, but no one has gotten back to me yet.
  3. Oh I forgot, I've been meaning to show you guys this: https://cosmicbook.news/wonder-man-marvel-disney-plus
  4. Thanks man. IMO, you should totally check it out since you are a huge fan of the Hulk.
  5. I just started it. Check out my review of Ghost of the Past.
  6. It is outstanding to hear that Top Gun 2 has reached the $1 billion dollar mark.
  7. The Incredible Hulk: Ghost of the Past- Review The Positives: The writing by Peter David is absolutely brilliant throughout this storyline. Here is the synopsis: The Hulk's most hated enemy, a man who thought nothing of taking 5000 lives in the blink of an eye, is back... and this time he's saving lives! Using gamma radiation, the restores health to the sick, hope to the dying... and life to the dead - but at a terrible price! All that is about to change, as the Hulk charges across the country to take on his evil nemesis in an all-out battle that will shake the very foundations of the Earth! A battle that will change the lives - and the deaths - of the Hulk's loved ones... forever! The artwork done by Dale Keown, Jan Duursema, and Chris Bachalo are fantastic. However, I have to say that the best artwork of the three belongs to Dale Keown. IMO his artwork is amazing. The action throughout this storyline are amazing. However, I'd say the action was at its best in the first two parts of the story. The Negatives/Nitpicks: None!!! Overview: Ghost of the Past IMO is among the best Incredible Hulk stories of all time and definitely one of the best I've ever read. Grade: A+
  8. You know, before I start my Incredible Hulk marathon here on the forums, allow me to give you my backstory as to why I wanted to it. For starters, June 13th was the 14th anniversary of the The Incredible Hulk film from 2008. I've been wanted to talk about and review that movie for quite some time. And second, I love the Hulk. He's been one of my favorite characters in all of comics and fiction since I was 8 years old after my father took me and older brother to the theatre to see the 2003 Hulk movie that was directed by Ang Lee. I know what you're all going to say, but to be honest, growing up it was one of my favorite comic book/superhero films of all time. That film made me love the Hulk immensely. Do I still love the film now as a 27 year old man? No, but I don't hate it either. As a matter of fact, I still have somewhat of a soft spot for that film. Anyways,2-3 weeks later, me and my father go to our local BJ's and I stumble upon Hulk: The Incredible Guide written by legendary comic writer, Tom DeFalco in one of the isles. I take it off one of the shelves and asked my father if I could have it. He said yes and as soon he paid for it, I began reading it like crazy.. From that point on, my love and interest for the Hulk grew immensely. Then, I rented the Xbox version of the Hulk movie game at local Blockbuster. That game is still one of my favs to this day. Speaking of which, once I beat it on my Xbox 360, I'll review it for you guys. I then got into the 1996 Incredible Hulk animated (which I also plan on reviewing for you guys) and of course the legendary 1978 Incredible Hulk TV series that starred Lou Ferrigno and Bill Bixby. When I was a cub scout, I at one point painted my pinewood derby car to resemble the Hulk. Hell, I even dressed up as the Hulk for Halloween at one point as well. So yeah guys, you can say that I have a very strong fandom for the character of the Hulk. Anyways, I hope to see you guys tune for my Hulk marathon.
  9. That's awesome dude. Hope you have fun.
  10. Ok, since there are no objections thus far, I will start my Incredible Hulk marathon here on the forums especially on this thread starting either later tonight or tomorrow.
  11. I heard about this bullshit a while ago. FUCK YOU SONY!!! Also, did you check out my previous post?
  12. This shit right here is hilarious.
  13. @sateler96, @GuessWhat, and @musicboy, You know what guys, I've been thinking about this for quite some time. I know June 13 was like nearly 2 weeks ago, but, I've been thinking of doing an Incredible Hulk marathon here on the forums. More specifically here on Comic Book Talk, the Movie Review thread, and the TV Show review thread where I talk about and review Incredible Hulk comics, movies, and tv shows. Would that be ok with you guys or no?
  14. Thank you. I was thinking of saying that myself.
  15. That's different. Jeez, you act and think like we conservatives are sexists, bigots, and racists. You know what really pisses me off about this abortion garbage is that I have to spend my fucking tax paying money on a women who chooses to abort a child that is not my own. If it ain't my baby, why should I pay for the abortion? Also, while I do agree that no one should force a women to do something to her body that she isn't comfortable in doing, the man should have the right to fight for the child's life. After all, the man did help create the child after all.
  16. I don't think like this at all. I am pro-life which means I care about all of human life inside and outside the womb.
  17. Interesting. My personal favorite Batmobile is the 1989 Batmobile.
  18. True, but still, the possibility is very slim.
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