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  1. Would anybody here be interested in pitching together and starting a care package for Phil? I thought it would be a cool way for him to do more DSP tries it. Items could be anything from cookies, candies, drinks, etc. I think it would be cool to see something like DSP fan request try outs.
  2. They will both cancel each other out.
  3. I can't stand AlphaOmegaSin. He has a huge ego, tries so hard to be a metal head and just comes off as a pretentious asshole. I like some of his stuff sometimes but he really needs to drop the entire Metal gamer thing. It's fucking stupid and childish. His entire point about Phil lacking skill is horse shit. Street Fighter 4 has horrible online play and it's laughable that anybody takes online play in SF4 seriously.
  4. There is nothing creepy about those games. They are just games. Personally I think it would be funny to watch Phil play any of those.
  5. Phil has always been blunt with his views. He never had to care what others thought until those politically correct whiners came along. I personally liked Phil's old days when he was more raw and I even enjoyed his supposed racist moments because you know he was doing it in good fun. If you think Phil meant any of it then you obviously don't understand Phil's humor. I have seen far worse in tv and movies. It's fine to disagree with phil, but it's a completely different thing to try and cause physical harm to him because of whatever things he may have said that you didn't agree with.
  6. I'm a noob, but I have been watching Phil since the beginning.
  7. I think a blog would be counter productive at this point. Especially with DSP's channel for vlogs, it's pretty much unnecessary to create a blog.
  8. I kind of like Phil's bias game reviews because they are strictly his opinions. That is one of the main strengths of Phil is that he tells you how HE feels about something, and not what you or someone else may want to hear. It's one of those things with being an independent reviewer, you are going to have a real honest opinion on something. I actually hated Resident Evil 6, but Phil liked it for his own reasons. I don't agree with him, but I do still like the fact that Phil was able to be honest with how HE felt, and not necessarily everyone else.
  9. I always wanted to watch Phil play more old games. Would like to see him play Contra Shattered Soldier on PS2.
  10. Leanna could try doing a liquid sope business or a candle biz would be cool
  11. Phil has provide me with so many good laughs when I was depressed or sad. I actually have bad depression and on certain days I will just cozy up in bed and watch Phil's playthroughs and I feel like he is right there with me and helping me laugh and take it easy when things seem hellish. I am greatful to have discovered Phil because without him I would have no other lets players to watch.
  12. Until Dawn playthrough had some hilarious moments.
  13. I would be ok with digital if they cost less, I was able to backup the games to an external drive, and if I was allowed to put them on a cloud storage. If sony ever stops using their servers then my games would be impossible for me to obtain again. It feels like when I buy a digital game I am still restricted from taking it with me whereas if I had the physical copy I have something I can sell to whoever if I want.
  14. I understand Phil likes to be well rounded gamer, rather than just play one game constantly. My observation is that because Phil gets to run his gaming business it upsets a lot of trolls and haters who are stuck working dead end jobs. I think it is absolutely ridiculous considering the fact that Phil started off doing it for fun and has actually matured a lot over the years. It wasn't until recent drama that haters went out of their way to defame and try to destroy Phil's life because they wish they could do what he does and make a living doing it. These people don't care about the billionaires like George Soros scamming people, yet they have no freakin problem attacking Phil for just makin enough to get by. If these people actually wanted to make the world a better place they would focus their energy elsewhere, but they are too busy being jealous of someone who was smarter and more sucessful than them, and as Phil has said, it makes him an easy target online. Personally, I would love to see Phil do more classic psone games like xenogears or final fantasy clasics. It may bring in the views.
  15. Phil, how do you sleep knowing insane people have tried having you swatted? Have you considered getting help and prosecuting those who violated your home and well being with such a foolish act? I am glad that you weren't harmed especially with all the trigger happy police out there these days.
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