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  1. If him saying he "deserves" time off bothered his fanbase I'm sure he would retract it, but it looks like it only bothers you. Phil can take off as much time as he wants, work as hard as he wants, and ask the viewers whatever he feels like asking. He needs to balance his standard of living, his income, and his relationship with his fans but if he can do that I think he can do pretty much whatever he wants. On the side however I feel myself being tugged away from Phil's content. I pulled my Patreon pledge and I don't see myself renewing it anytime soon. I used to come to his channel to evade my own stress and frustration, not to try and carry his. The more he tries to rally his fanbase to come rescue him the more I feel like being his fan is another obligation instead of a fun hobby. I look around my life and even with all DSP's problems I feel like he's doing better than I am so I'm going to redirect my $5 a month back in my pocket instead of sustaining his channel. With how negative he's been lately I don't think I'm getting as much entertainment out of it as I use to.
  2. It turned out that for some strange reason people who make TIHYDP videos don't like Phil and probably shouldn't be trusted.
  3. Ever since the KOCC program started it feels like Phil has been becoming more abrasive and upset. Looking at his reaction to criticism of the first "official" TIHYDP KOCC video then his reaction to criticism of his For Honor review it looks like he's getting very bothered recently. He's dealt with FAR worse before and used to be able to just shrug it off or at least respond casually/dispassionately but it feels like he doesn't do that anymore. Today hearing him really lash out during his Nioh stream and tear into the game it sounds like he's just mad in general. Is something going on that is really pissing him off? His situation doesn't seem very different from my outsider perspective but he definitely sounds more stressed than usual. Does anybody else feel this way or am I alone in this observation?
  4. Hmm, I remember when Duke Nukem Forever came out Phil defended the games poor performance on consoles saying that reviewers should have bought the game on PC instead. He also said the reviewer didn't have the right background and wasn't a good representative of who the game was marketed for.
  5. You deserve a special shout out on the next KOCC-blocked parody video.
  6. Well it's February 16th and For Honor is done already. Apparently Sniper Elite isn't happening and even if it did he already missed the launch day views. Is it really going to be just Yakuza 0 and Nioh for the next 12 days? Seems like it would be a smart idea to get Berserk and the Band of Hawk on Tuesday to keep things from getting completely stale and boring. At least toss the idea out on Twitter and see the fanbase reaction.
  7. Looks like For Honor is dead and he said he's skipping Sniper Elite 4. Might be a perfect time for some Black Canary matches. Just saiyan
  8. Well it looks like Mr Fuchs made a parody KOCC video, and it's pretty good tbh From here on out I think these imitation KOCCs should be referred to as DIILDOs (Detractor Imitation Intentionally Limiting Darksydephil's Outreach). The only reason these phony KOCCs will exist is to deflate Phil's attempt to reach out to the TIHYDP makers and reshape the TIHYDP scene. When you think about it, these DIILDOs counteract Phil's KOCC similar to how the KOCC counteracts TIHYDPs. If things do start getting derailed Phil is going to have to milk the KOCC harder than he's ever milked KOCC before.
  9. Phil seems like a proud guy. For the most part he wants to be the Realest Motherfucker on YouTube™ but he also wants to run his channels like a legitimate business. The problem is you can't always do both. When he goes on tirades against people who don't like his product it comes off as really unprofessional and off-putting but I know in his mind he's just keeping it real. I just don't like how he considers manners and restraint to be synonymous with being "phony". I feel like he would be pissed if the businesses he used were as "real" as him. I know I would. Imagine if YouTube management said "Listen, if you have a problem with our business model then just stop fucking using it." It's not real, it's just rude. I think Phil should stop putting so much energy into people dedicated to antagonizing him but I don't know how to tell him that without him thinking that would just be disingenuous politicking.
  10. Phil, you sound very defensive about this. In fact, the past few days it feels like you've been extra abrasive. Not just in the forums but on Twitter and prestreams too. I believe you said yourself you already expected malicious trolls to outright reject your KOCC program simply because it had your approval. As the King of Hate I would think this surge of hate would fuel you to new heights but it sounds like it's really bringing you down instead. You don't need to defend the program to anybody. I think you should stop shouting down anybody who hates it because you're just attracting more attention to negative elements over positive ones. If you make it look like they hit a nerve they're just going to keep jabbing it.
  11. Is it really a crime to make racist jokes? I didn't know you could get sued for stuff like that, at least not in America
  12. I also really liked Fred Fuchs' TIHYDP of Scarface. Considering how his SoK image is so often linked to Tony Montana it was almost poetic that this TIHYDP even happened, much less that Fred Fuchs' himself made it. On the side: I might disagree with him but Fred is a pretty charming guy and easy to listen to. A guilty pleasure, I confess.
  13. Well color me surprised. It's nice to see Phil open up to the fact that some of his fans also find entertainment in TIHYDP style videos. I guess we don't have hide the fact that we like those vids anymore out of fear of punishment. So what TIHYDP videos have you seen and which is your favorite? I've just started watching RatselSanger's "DSP's Top 50 Ass-Beatings" and it's great. The parts are huge but it's worth it. Still waiting on #30-21. His earlier video "DSP's No-Health Tragedy" is probably one of my favorite DSP-related videod ever. If anything I think Phil should reach out to the guy and see if there would be a way to feature those vids in KOGaming.
  14. Question: If PandaLee got some KOCCs would you post that on KOGaming? Also, is this program just for TIHYDP-style montages of specific games or would you also accept countdowns, Top 10 lists, reviews, etc? Like "DSP's Controller-Slamming Compilation" just a bunch of clips from your camcorder days where you slammed a controller on the table in anger. Or "Top 10 Fallout series Fails" where it's clips of you dying in silly ways across all 3 Fallout games you played? I've been wanting to see you do a countdown of your favorite Souls series boss fights for a long time but if you can't do it I'm hoping maybe one of your fans can.
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