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  1. What a trip, this is real, this actually happened. I 100 % agree with phil. I don't know how I can't love phil if this is the reason.
  2. I wonder if anyone ever realized that people like toxicity. I am not calling anyone toxic, but just imagine this. Many things that people like on the internet is hated by others. You will never convince them to view it you way. Flavor is purely subjective and what you make out to be toxic may taste sweet to others. Good luck to anyone trying to convince people to acquire their personal beliefs and taste. Because of my personal experiences I find twitch to be the worst streaming service, and I hate it so much because of its policies I wish it would burn in eternal hellfire. They are greedy censorious black hole for money. Most people who use it have to self censor and is whores and e-beggars. But listen. If some people find happiness with that. Either from necessity or other reasons. I will not pursue you for doing so. Have fun with what you are doing. Right guys? YOU DONT WADE AROUND IN A TOXIC PIT 25/7 AND COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SMELL. Go support someone or something you like instead.
  3. I did not drive a car, I did not tip over a hornets nest. I did not poke any snakes. What the fuck kind of designer drugs are you on? This doesn't even come close. Kiwifarms isn't a amalgamation of a snakepit and a hornets nest I drove a car in to in 100MPH. The people that dox are the people responsible for doxing. And I am sick of this made up justification that I did something on behalf of others. I did not. Everyone here knows I have never been a representative for them. I have never tried to either. So attacking them was totally unjustified for something that was ment to hurt me or Phil. And again kiwifarms is a forum, It's the individuals that did the doxing that is responsible for the doxing. Like that it will always be no matter what you say.
  4. I don't take responsibility for something I am not responsible for. I don't give a shit about doxing. Hacking or any other means of extorting others to do something. I never did that. If i hurt someones feelings with what I said. That is too bad. But me hurting someones feelings don't give them the right to go after people I have no releation with, and blame me for it. It's not my fault and it will never be. No matter how you try to twist and turn it.
  5. And my previous statement is still true. You cannot blame anyone but the person doing a crime for a crime. If i where to kill your mother because I didn't like you. That is not your fault. Even if you provoked me.
  6. When he started giving out information that was false about the issue. When he never helped me with the issue. When I could see him live at a stream typing in the report that got me banned for ban evation. That is what confirmed this to me. Do you want me to go in to detail?
  7. I can go anywhere I want and say anything I want. And whatever happens to me personally because of that is what I can be responsible for. I only represent myself. If someone take it on themselves to reveal others personal information that is 100% their responsibility. I haven't doxed anyone so i cannot be blamed for doxing. You fucking morons. I don't have any beef with kiwifarms. Kiwifarms is a platform, not a group. It's like blaming twitter for what a group on twitter is doing. Yes he did. But not publicly only in his report about me to twitch. Did you not understand that?
  8. I have NEVER gotten anyone doxed, and I have NEVER revealed anyones personal information in any regard. I got kicked off twitch for good because Phil reported me for DDOS attacking him. And that is the end of the story. He has already confirmed this. And frankly I don't care. Because I know why he did it. That was my "reward" I can't blame Phil for me giving him money. That is entirely my fault. I don't hold any grudges against him either. I did when I realized what he had done. But it should have been expected.
  9. Just a little comment. If you where not doing it for attention you would do it anonymously. In fact Phil would probably preferere a big anonymous tip because he gets to keep more of the money you spent. The only reason to put your name on it is for the notoriety and attention. And too much of that. And "someone" might reward you for it in a not so pleasant way. So a safe bet is to stay anonymouse. Phil will still see who it's from through his paypal. And you will have his gratitude. And that might be worth something? I got my reward so I won't complain.
  10. So the problem was just that phil talked about ichy and scrachy dollars as real money that could benefit him. Phil:
  11. ehhh is that mike michaud the CEO of channel awesome? What is going on? Twitch system is just going to get more and more broken. One thing is that you have guidelines and rules and whatever to make your site a better place. But when it just turns in to witch hunts and people baiting a response from other people just to screw them over then it's going in the wrong way. I got banned because I had a conversation with a person on PM he asked me about DDOS attacks and how they worked. I just answered his question, and he took a part of our conversation and reported it to twitch. That is what did it for me. It got me permanently banned. I explained to them what had happened and just got the response "we don't care" Their platform is too big, and they don't have enough resources to moderate their site. The result of that is that most of the time shit just gets ignored. And when they take action it isn't necessary the right one. And you have no access to anyone to look at the problem because that person doesn't exist, unless you are a significant person of interest for them. And if you are they have this ticket system that protects you. An affiliated streamer have to be mass flagged for them to pay any attention at all. Phil have so many people monitoring his every move waiting for him to slip up that I expect him to last for much longer. If they where able to suspend his channel for whatever reason you know that would happen again. RIP DSP gaming on twitch. It was fun while it lasted.
  12. Well get some competent moderatos. vet the people before they are able to post or shut the fucking forum down. You have no power over what others do online. This is the lowest blow I have ever received ever. How could I have known a psychopath would fake threats against himself to then use that as an excuse to be abusive to people I don't even know... If that isn't a crime I don't know what is. I sent you both the fake shit they have circulated and the original. I have never threatened anyones kids. DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT` I HAVENT DONE ANYTHING EVEN REMOTELY WRONG. Literary tousands of people are registerd on kiwifarms. And it's safe to say this is a pretty unique case of abusive behavior.
  13. good advice I did that. And it was stupid. I thought it would be funny to engage them, it isn't. Not only do they get obsessed with you. But they would fabricate things about you. Take what you say and put it out without context, and twist your words, etc. Everything they can think of to get a reaction out of you. In my case one of the trolls said I had threatened and dox him. Which I hadn't and tried to pressure me to do certain things for him or he would dox everyone even remotely connected to DSP because of that. But it was just a bluff to get a reaction. I haven't doxed or threatened anyone. That was probably just a memeber of their forum lying to create some kind of fear. Most likely King of pol. He likes to exaggerate and lie to scare and be a tough guy. He have a history of saying this people are master hackers and dedossers. But it isn't true. The only tool they have available is Google. so if any information comes up with your username it would just be that they are using. And belive me, even if they found out where you worked, what are they going to say? That you are a member of a let's players forum online? It's all just a scare tactic to try to intimidate. It's only their admins that can se you IP address if you have been there. And as far as I know they don't share that with anyone. The only think I have heard they use that information on is to determine if you are using a sock account. It would be a security risk for them if they started to leak IP addresses. And they are not hackers. They users may fabricate lies, and the Owner of the website is fairly good in website management and webdesign. If you need some help with that he could actually be of some use. His passion isn't to fuck with people though. But that isn't the case with some of the users on the forum. I think this needs to be said. Kiwifarms is a big site. And only a fraction of it is dedicated to trolling with DSP, There is so much else going on there. And this is the honest truth. They took part in exposing the sons of kojima, it's kiwifarms that exposed their actions to the world. The irony of this though. Is that they disenfranchised some people that used to be associated with fred fuchs and the SOK. And in turn they started to come to kiwifarms. Some people apologized for their actions and quit the Obsess over DSP community. But that wasn't the case with all of them. After all what happened is that a place that obsess over DSP exposed this other group who did exactly the same thing. Shortly there after a whole new section was created on kiwifarms to contain members of the "anti phil" crowd.(because they don't assimilate god with the others) And it's around this time a supervisor was appointed for that part of the forum. Totally fabricated stories about DSP came out of there. With the story of the fake escort. In heavy collusion with that guy given the task of supervising the DSP part of the forum. For some reason I thought it would be funny exposing this. I like a bit of mystery and drama. But here we are today. And they have really tried their hardest to pressure me to just vanish in to the ether. Not only by poisoning the well by claiming all sorts of weird shit against me, but now with this we are going to destroy you all fear mongering thing, where I am the villain. And I cannot say that it was other then stupid. I honestly had fun with it. And they don't scare me in the slightest. But they would go out of their way to get to you in one shape or form, and it was selfish of me not taking that in to consideration. It's usually only in their sphere and echo chamber these lies about phil have any meaning. Sometimes they may get someone to bite and belive their nonsense like with Jelasea and the stupid brownie situation. And there will always be trolls infiltrating to try to push their agenda. But the best thing to do is just to shift the focus away from them, and focus on something positive. If someone is trying to bring up deeply personal things about Phil or others it should be a red flag of where this is coming from. Phil streams games and makes entertainment online. And to these people that make him the embodiment of satan. And they would do anything to stop that. Don't ask me why. There is not much to do with it. These holy zealots thinks their crusades are necessary to rid the world of heresy. And spoiler alert it will never end. I will try to keep my evil satanism away from them in the future. I hope this is the end of this chapter.
  14. Honestly I haven't seen either of the playthroughgs before. And I haven't played the games either. I think he can call them whatever he likes. You can't please everyone anyways. And the reason he is playing it is because people wanted to see him play it again. How he preforms isn't that big of a deal. It's so much cut scenes in this game that it's almost more like watching a movie anyways. Only issue I had with it was the No handholding rule, Either it's ok or it isn't I at least think that people could at least wait with telling hints and strategies until he actually asks for it.
  15. No King of pol is not reasonable. And if Fred isn't neger he is just as insane. He is the one that was made a supervisor on kiwifarms for the Phil section after he just magically manifested this summer on there. He is the driving force behind the false rumors and everything. And his actions have turned negative towards freds old enemies. I won't even mention this anymore but that is my take on it.
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