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  1. I see what you mean. I guess it's a idea........
  2. He has done, Samus. To the final trailer.
  3. Kate Mara was good too. Jamie Bell as The Thing was the only.......thing that didn't work for me. Lol.
  4. Teller wasn't a bad Reed Richards tbh. ;)
  5. Allegiant for sure + Batman V Superman. Those two will be enough for now. :)
  6. I'm more interested in the first Fallout 4 DLC - Automation or whatever it's called. That's coming out sometime this month - always enjoy some Fallout content. Well, except New Vegas.
  7. I'd like a option to edit your username. Perhaps after you've built up a good reputations - say, when you reach Member. I only ask because I asked for a name change myself. It was done but I was also banned for it. If that could be cleared up too, please; I'd really appreciate it. :D
  8. Marvel movies have always been good - this will be no different. ;)
  9. Good question - glad people are still thinking of varied ones to ask. :D
  10. Ah, doesn't matter. He had a good point - I've been acting mental for the past few weeks. Still getting over that lol.
  11. Ah, the one who mocked my "mental illness" I'll be keeping a eye on you.
  12. Thanks, KG - When I was "on the other side", I kept berating myself and saying "What the hell am I thinking?" Then it clicked; I don't care about the drama. I want to enjoy Phil's vlogs (and occasionally gaming too) since watching them got me through me some tough times a few years ago. It's good to be back. :)
  13. Lol, I get you. I've messaged Phil to unban my first account, but if that doesn't work - well, time to start from scratch. Lessons learned and time to move forward! This won't take long. ;P
  14. Not sure what that first bit means - but thank you. I'm not making that mistake ever again. Honestly - I'm the man who always has a plan! :D
  15. Thanks. Yeah, I don't know what I was thinking. DSP_txt got to me by calling me "Just A Douchebag" This was his old username. He needs to do other things with his life other than using Twitter every single day. No offence, Ash - some of us use it productively. ;) You have a point - but I was in the wrong. At one point, the haters seemed almost convincing - then I remembered how special this community is. Don't care what they say; it was here where I became confident enough to speak my mind. I don't blame you for doubting me, though - but trust me, I'm here to stay! XD
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