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  1. Thank you Phil for saying what needed to be said. I didn't know the detractors even had forums, but if they do then yeah - I think this is an invasion of which you truly smacked them down. I'll keep supporting your good work for now and I'm not going anywhere until you sell out like all the other Youtubers, except I think YOU won't.
  2. Well, obviously he thought it did so should be allowed to give it a large score, especially since the game is one of the best of the year so far. .
  3. People turn on others for all sorts of reasons. Happened in my past as well. A lot of the time it's the persons insecurity taking it out on someone else or a miscommunication however in this case it's the former. But it doesn't matter because I think it's been argued enough that collaborations shouldn't be high on the priority list especially as it takes time to find said collaborator.
  4. i would except it took me ages to do that, don't really have the time to replicate it.
  5. That video is a work of art. Probably close to 3 kagillion viewers now.
  6. Yeah a special forum title would be cool, I'd be up for that.
  7. Work on getting his Twitch channel as popular as possible so his business at least gets some stability throughout 2017. I don't think he should make any adjustments to his product as he's changed way too much in 2016 in an attempt to get the viewers, but cos of shitty Youtube it didn't work out.
  8. Maybe charge $1 for the chat so it deters the usual trolls would be a good idea, so they have to keep registering if they are being pesky and get banned. Can't wait to see you on Twitch DSP!
  9. Great to see a positive thread here for once. Would be amazing to see DSP back on Twitch.
  10. I'll say I'm ok with him going back to Twitch even though I hate the company, cos their app is pretty good on my phone so I could watch it at work.
  11. Any respected company should be allowed to take critique mate. Freedom of speech.
  12. I don't think you did in the first place, the TOS should definitely state something about satire and parodies because this has never been clear. Otherwise they can literally shut you down for imitating a character on TV if he said something controversial.
  13. Agreed that this is the busiest season for you so it's pretty much impossible to implement any of these changes around this time of year, especially at Christmas!
  14. Anyone who embarrasses Vince McMahon by shaving him on live TV deserves to be in office IMHO.
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