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  1. Phil ROLL IS NOT FULLY INVINCIBLE. Only the first couple frames are,the amount is dependent on if you light,mid or fat-rolling.Every time you get hit during a roll and say "Bullshit I was rolling" you're wrong and your timing was off.Always roll just before the attack connects.100% every attack in this game can be avoided with perfect rolls and iframes.Same goes for Bloodborne.That's how people beat all those games with ease,on low levels etc.They use iframes to their advantage.
  2. Really?Red Dead Redemption?Really? People were complaining about DS bc "he already played it" and now they are doing backflips on Twitter bc he wants to play RDR...Le sigh... RDR will not give him the attention that he wants/needs right now. There will be no raging in this game, it's pretty easy. And before someone says something about him raging, this is what often gives him views and I'm pretty sure he knows that. You may not like it but it's the truth. Even if bc of playing DS he will get the attention of "detractors" I don't think he should be looking at it this way. He needs views/attention right now even,even if those views will be 50% "detractors". Oh and btw RDR is pretty long unless he skips half the content. So yeah... I was going to watch DS, mostly bc I wanted to see if he can tackle this game ALONE. Now I won't be watching.Oh well...And since we're replaying games I would rather see him replaying Bloodborne, at least to the point where he is strong enough to tackle Old Hunters dlc. It's not as hard as it was on NG+ obviously and he should be able to do it. And I'm not alone with that thinking that's for sure
  3. uhhhhh why can't I access the chat on Twitch?It says chat is off for that channel
  4. NG+ is worse than in Dark Souls 2.Apart from +1 and +2 versions of some rings and some new soul items it's basically the same game.Which is a shame bc DS2 did it the right way imho. edit: Just watched the videos,you're welcome.
  5. Well it's just new loot that shows up there after beating Havel and Drakeblood Knight in Archdragon Peak.It's not gonna take long and since you're doing a playthrough for people to watch you might as well show them as much stuff as possible.This is something many will probably miss otherwise and the loot will be important to some I'm sure. edit: Ok I just beat NK on my Luck build (Anri's Straight Sword +4,Luck 40 etc.). You can 100% avoid the fire attack by rolling immediately when he flies into the air.I rolled away 3-4 times and it was enough.I also run away from it so that works too. Keep in mind I was naked and had stamina regen from using a Green Blossom(best item for stamina regen,better than Cloranthy Ring and Grass Crest Shield). Also I used a lightning buff for the dragon so I can kill ASAP,you should try that too.Gold Pine Resin can be bought easily. 2nd part of the fight is quite brutal although some of his attacks are very easy to dodge/avoid. Some attacks are staggered so you should be careful when you dodge,just bc you see him raise his weapon doesnt mean he will attack immediately. You have to learn which attacks are staggered and recognize them on the fly. Also I found out staying close to him is better bc then he won't do his long reach attacks that are also often staggered and hard to dodge. Also whenever he does his charging attack you have a small window to sneak 3-4 attacks so take advantage of this opportunity,you can also stagger him during that period and then riposte for huge damage. The windows for attacking/healing for the most part are very small so attacking max 2 times is advisable. Oh and forget about blocking. Good luck, you will certainly need it. edit2: Oh and don't lock on in the 1st phase unless you want to rage even more
  6. You should go back to the area after Oceiros where you got the gesture to access Archdragon Peak.Also go back to the area where you fought Stray Demon,it's the bonfire with the wolf covenant in Farron Keep.
  7. Welp the new "broken" weapon/strategy involves levelling Luck to 40 and using Anri's Straight Sword with Carthus Rouge(Bleed resin).Bosses bleed like crazy,get staggered and destroyed in 30-60 seconds lmao
  8. Dark Sword is not affected since it's a Straight Sword.Only Greatsword type weapons were affected and all got a damage buff
  9. @KG If your dex is decent you should consider infusing it with Refined Gem. Your damage on the sword should go up. So check it out at the blacksmith,you can see your stats at the infusion screen so if there's no decent bump in damage just don't do it. @Phil I know the sword is great,I tried it myself to see how it is. Honestly the moveset is average for me but the R1 spam is very good. My point of the last post was THERE ARE EVEN BETTER WEAPONS that you don't have to put any effort into to obtain them and they DEMOLISH bosses. Rapier +6 + Leo Ring + Flynn's Ring + some kind of elemental resin + being below 30% equip weight is a killer, trust me. You should consider it since you have all those items. Keep in mind you can't even buff your weapon now. Also consider wearing lighter armor. The way defense is calculated in this game the only thing that matters is to wear ANYTHING. Damage absorption caps pretty quickly and all those heavy armor pieces are just slowing you down without giving you any significant boost to defense.
  10. You can farm that 1 Darkwraith you killed for Red Eye Orb or the 2 right before Abyss Watchers. It's not that rare and also it's not the best weapon in the game. Also for this at least you have to put some effort/time. What about weapons that totally wreck PVP and PVE bosses? Estoc is a starting weapon for Assassin class which you can buy later and Rapier can be found right before Vordt. Now these weapons wreck shit. But yeah Dark Sword is not that far behind.
  11. Yeah he needs a better weapon. I mean he was doing like barely over 100 damage per swing. Also like I said blocking in fights with Pontiff and Champion Gundyr is not a good idea UNLESS you have a beast shield with huge stability. So I can see people having better time with those fights when they just roll into their attacks and hit once or twice. Also Dark Sword is a very good weapon, unfortunately you need to farm Darkwraiths for it
  12. There's a crystal lizard behind Firelink Shrine that drops Twinkling Titanite.To get to him you have to go outside,climb the ladder to the roof and immediately turn right and drop down,there's a secret path there with the lizard. edit: Another thing,you missed Undead Bone Shard in the Catacombs. You get it by destroying the big skeleton-like boulder that you encountered right at the beginning of the area. To destroy it you need to kill a special skeleton that's immediately to your right as you walk into the corridor after going down the steps where you first encountered the boulder.
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