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  1. We'll see, I have every confidence in QuadLache being a successful youtuber making plenty of chedda. Nobody with that much swagger would pretend to be knowledgeable just to be contrary towards Phils responses. Maybe he even has interesting content and I'll subscribe.
  2. I see you a lot making references like "I'll be on Twitch" and youtube business 101" and do on and so forth. Do you have expertise in all matters youtube and business and do you have evidence of being successful enough at it to give advice?
  3. "Not slanderous at all" "Mild slander" So which is it? ----- but people saying they watch him just to rage have some issues. This says people as in more than one person. The article mentions people watching Phil rage, nobody said it alluded to whoever this QuadLache is. Total lolbutta
  4. Interesting article. Where did you find that particular piece of txt? The bit about derpy citizens laughing at failure though
  5. Granted from time to time Phil says some pretty stupid or at least ill advised shit on twitter, some of it though is actually warranted as he is indeed replying to weirdos and idiots, other times it's wholly unwarranted but in spite of that it's easy not to be fooled by imposters as they usually only tweet variations of the same three jokes. Considering these imposter types claim to dislike Phil they spend a lot of time trying to be him. Is that an oxymoron? Or just a moron? It's hard to tell sometimes.
  6. And if you stopped and thought about it, not checked whatsisnames twitter, you would learn that due to new rules twitter have recently verified a LOT of new people, hence "too many" and he was probably comedically referring to the fact being verified doesn't carry as much prestige. Can you actually think about anything past DSP to actually learn that is probably a fact and is what Pewdiepie was saying? While DSP may be the primary focus of others lives it's not Pewdiepies. Did you really think after making verification easier they then went and only gave Phil the tick?
  7. I'm sure. "too many people" doesn't suggest one person now does it?
  8. You're right, it's really not that big of a deal, you might think it was due to the shitstorm it's stirred up especially by those who don't have a blue tick next to their twitter name. Really odd thing to be jealous of really.
  9. Maybe they don't read what Phil says and only listen to the usual blerts on twitter. Least clever clever people ever. Trevor.
  10. You should do, you should remember it from the other 500 times we've seen it on here. If these people had any relevant points to make re: Phil they were lost long ago amid the repetition and other bullshit. Their message is as diluted as pouring a capful of squash in the pacific ocean
  11. So you made accusations about BSV then when he replies you threaten to report him? Seems rich considering how you just made reference to Phil banning people.
  12. Not sure where you got that from, a little snippet here and little snippet there, I can read though. I'm just wondering why you seem so angry about anyone talking about this detractors, makes no sense. You realise these people have been around for years, you realise they pop up enough to get an idea of what they are about and what they do without having to go on twitter and reading everything they say, you'd get bored after 2 minutes. Also I know quite a bit about the Spanish Civil War, doesn't mean I was there does it now? You asked what a detractor was, I answered. If you didn't like the answer you shouldn't have asked the question should you? Everyone knows what you had for breakfast anyway, butter croisants
  13. I'd say a detractor as defined by most people would be those who go out of their way to talk/troll DSP regularly or daily on most cases and are known for doing it and in some cases doing nothing else but that. I heard there's people that can make over 40 tweets a day about DSP., they're not just detractors but a bit cringe when they allow DSP to become the focal point of their online existence to that extent. Also all those who sign up here and instantly start making critical threads instantly are too regardless of the usual people here that instantly jump to defend them, you only have to look at that giftedguy and his 10 accounts a month to see it happens. I'd guess by the tone of your post TF that you're probably one too but of course you're not though are you? Oh and that Austin guy who lurks here and tweets mine and others posts, he's not much of one but qualifies by association..
  14. If Phil calling his detractors mentally ill is so outrageously bad then all those years of them calling Leanna Phils daughter, which hints at incest, must be lower down the ladder of indecency. Looks to me nobody comes out of it looking innocent of stupidity but each side will always act like saints while claiming the other side is guilty of indecency. It's all so pathetic as it's just words. On a screen. If you get offended by that then I don't know what to say to you but get a grip.
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