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  1. It isn't. It's the opinion of someone being truthful. Of course, you'd deem that as trolling because if you don't praise Phil all day long, you're not welcome. This needs to stop.
  2. Ah, another new guy. Wonderful. I don't, since I've had all I can take of his Patreon plugs. And the link's in the description; people aren't stupid enough that they WOULDN'T check the description during one of his streams.
  3. You've just proved that you didn't get my points, but anyways: I'm certainly not important either although I am smarter. As for my "constant changes", I had good reason for this (depression) and I don't believe I know you. What you're basically saying is that we shouldn't critiscise your king and saviour. Sorry, but that's human nature: we tend to call out bullshit. Unless we're like you and accept everything 100%. Can we get this thread back on track, please?
  4. Ah, that isn't me then. I don't hide - no offence.
  5. Thank you. That's one of the reasons I came back: to air some suggestions and show that I'm not about detracting. :)
  6. Got it in one, since Phil creates the material. He should be grateful since TIHYDPS give him exposure. Hmm, I think I have a idea for a future topic. Thanks, Magnet.
  7. Pretty sure there's more than 3 or 4 out there, bud. And why would they hide it? They've nothing to be afraid of.
  8. A shame, since those videos were quite enlightening. But I guess Youtube has to get their thumbs out of their butts at SOME point.
  9. Fair? If you say so. I've been banned for pretty stupid reasons (associating with people who ACTUALLY have been more truthful than DSP).
  10. Not the point. Moving back on track......
  11. No, I know he isn't always right. But is that good reason to jump down his throat all the time? I'm not exactly 100% in the know about stuff either.
  12. Was that meant to be funny? Because you failed; Parkour's quite rightly calling VR a stupid fad. Ignorance my ass.
  13. We're just talking, Silent. And I wouldn't be so sure; sock accounts have been plentiful. I've been guilty of this but have since learned my lesson. Yes, this is my MAIN account from now.
  14. Glad KG's gone and his sock account has been discovered. He should just get the hint and stay away for good lmao.
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