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  1. All 3 systems had virtually the same graphical power give or take. There wasn't much room to compete over power. It was all about web support and game selection. Why did the PS2 sell so well? It had the games. Why did Xbox sell well? It had the web support. Why did Gamecube suck so bad? It had neither. Phil is right because when was the last time Nintendo actually had a good console?
  2. Mods, now this is getting ridiculous.
  3. I don't think those detractors would waste their time doing these troll accounts, you can't rule out it may be fans too.
  4. I just hope that one day the beef between you and the SoK just settles and everyone gets along.
  5. Let's put everything in perspective here. How many people have been involved in drama baiting bullshit in the past year and have been pissing off fellow fans? There's proof right there in the Forum Rules and Regulations. It seems that those "fans" that you brought up in the fourth paragraph like to get into drama when detractors get brought it up. Phil closed down the threads for a reason. No blame on him, everything was going well until something was brought up FROM A YEAR AGO. The thread wasn't about the SoK, it was about the charity efforts to do something right that everyone can get behind. Even KG was part of their charity as I remember. That's why I brought it up in that thread. It was really pathetic how toxic people were against it and how they ruin it for others.
  6. Lovely day ahead, y'all have a good day.
  7. The playthrough is honestly one of the best ones this year.
  8. Didn't you participate in it a year ago though?
  9. Of course it's negative, it brings unnecessary drama and negativity because we come here to discuss Phil and his gameplay not childish teenagers who troll and act like DSP fans in order to get noticed by Metokur. If he's asking to get banned from the forums again, he can go right ahead and do so. This is his last straw.
  10. Very interesting video, I wish people could take criticism well, I learned my lesson long ago.
  11. Tony Montana avatar= Fred Fuchs A squad of Goons = Sons of Kojima Community Have you been living under a rock, sir?
  12. Gotta love it when we try to make this forum detractor free but you still bring them up.
  13. You realize you are stealing his views and ad revenue right? Leave it to Phil to do his montages and professional work on KO Gaming.
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