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  1. Thanks. I'm ok either wat. I deserved to get banned in the past. AND that helped me to become the person I am today. Nothing wrong with that. :p
  2. No, they're on the ball a lot of the time. :)
  3. A problem since that's resulted in me making multiple accounts. All of them banned. Want me to go? Then I will.
  4. Thank you kindly. I feel better already. :D
  5. Thank you. And for the harassment on Twitter, I'm sorry. I'm not on there anymore tg.
  6. Uh, no. I was serious about being neutral. The negativity was making me into someone I'm not. I appreciate your scepticism though. :)
  7. I never flip-flopped. I'm being neutral this time. Lmao, but I see what you mean. :D
  8. I did mod for a time earlier this year. As long as I don't need to IP ban (since I could never understand it), I'd be willing. It'd keep me busy till I get a new job. :)
  9. I'll be doing the bottom two tbh. Skipping the rest.
  10. I like NMS myself but I respect your judgement. Uncharted 4, I agree with too. But Final Fantasy XV won't be played now. :(
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