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  1. Oh yeah I wasn't disputing that. My point was that when people say he is bad at games they mean how he plays through it, not that he beats it. Because again, he beats most of them. And that Phil reacting to those posts to "prove he is good" is silly and doesn't prove anything. Because him beating a difficult moment or game isn't the point. I thought he would know that. And yes. You are correct. His attitude is what makes people react and many times its a negative reaction. Because as I have said in my post other Let's Players can be bad at games but you don't see them getting the same level of heat from it.. Because they have a good attitude. Its something he is always like and I have come to see that is never changing. So niether is the heat from it.
  2. To me. It was funny. I chuckled. Tho if I were to make a sign like to someone my only goal would be to know they saw it. So those that dislike Phil celebrating he got baited are probably why that is. IMO he should have ignored to not give them the satisfaction. As for CupHead... Ok.. I have watched a plethora of Phil's videos. And from what I understand when people say he is bad at games they aren't saying he can't beat them.. They are saying he plays them poorly. Somehow missing on screen large text, forgetting what buttons do after minutes of learning, blaming the game for his own misunderstandings, confusing difficulty with poor design, not trying all the buttons when claiming a game doesn't have something... Ect. The deaths or failures are just the results of these things. Because he has beaten most of the game's he has played. Beating a game doesn't mean you are good at it. I beat Super Meat Boy.. Not cause I am good, but because I am patient and preservered. So Phil laying into this game and other games recently about being good or beating difficult moments is not indicative of being a good player IMO. But he doesn't have to be. And he should know that by now. Its not about being good (The Game Grumps are terrible for example) but about being entertaining to watch (like again.. The Grumps).
  3. Yeah I am a bit concerned about Phil. With his recent videos he seems.. Idk.. Bugged out? Darting his face and eyes everywhere as he speaks... Like his stress is through the roof? Also.. What is his plan here?? Youtube and Twitch until he's dead? At this rate it doesn't seem like things will level out like his earlier youtube days. Seems its a sinking boat he is holding together along with anyone who donates to help. All I see is him in a sinking boat in a vast ocean :/ and that's sad... I had thought he would have planned something new by now for his life.. (not that it's any of my buisness but the dude is so open about his daily life I can't help but speculate).. He really should have made a plan B by now.. And yes I know he has said there is no plan B.. I am talking about if there wasn't one.. Then why hasn't he made one now? Is this his last bastion of life? His last and final frontier? The desperation in his vlogs and stress is easily visible and its destroying him :( Maybe he is so tight on time he doesn't have breathing room to think of these things.. Idk.. He is 35 right? I feel he needs to live his life differently.. And less internet and more real life makes sense to me. Idk of I even made a point here or any sense.. I am just a concerned viewer.
  4. I don't think any of that will change tbh. I hope it does... But that stuff happens to people on the web all the time regardless if they had a dedciated group watching them or not.
  5. I doubt the SoK dissolving means Phil won't be bothered again.. Just that there isn't a group with a name or identity doing it. Its not like these people came out of nowhere to bash Phil.. Most were exfans. Phil has always had haters, and always will. Unfortunate but its the reality of the sitiation.
  6. Many of these leaks and testimonials are quite suprising to me. Fred for sure put up quite the facade. As people say.. If you speak well and can articulate your vocabulary in a charsimatic matter people grow to easily like you... And you can fool anyone.. And that is strengthened if you have following. Cut fuck man.. That whole group is done.. Everyone has been coming out talking about what happened and it all steam from him.. Never had I thought this person gained so much control to disturst his own group to have leverage over them.. So messed up. No main members stand with him now.. Many have seen the light and are moving on. At least things seem to be winding down now. As people have said here.. And even what I said too.. When a fandom becomes this hive minded and vitriolic.. It becomws dangerous for those in it and who are affected outside of it. I may have no personal beef with them.. But seeing this behavior from Fred.. Christ.. Even myself who struggles with mental illness.. This is far far out there. Extreme paranoia, insecurities.. And a bit too much power.. And ultimately.. A coward. I have no respect for someone like that.
  7. You have 4 Playstation consoles? Isn't some of that at least backwards compatible to make room? Plus the Switch is portable so that's one thing. But yeah M+R does look great. I mean.. Its freakin X-Com with that Mario charm afterall. I have yet to buy a Switch myself.. But probably when Mario Odyssey comes out. But anyway that's what makes a console worth gettinf right? That it has games you want to play.
  8. Am I too nice? Well I would rather be too nice than too mean. And what he said was fair. Warped is a strong word me thinks. I was too wrapped up in my theory. Yeah and it almost feels as if Youtube really doesn't want anyone to know that information.. Almost like believe people would take advantage of the information and cheat the system when in reality all it would do is allow them to direct thier content to make revenue like they were already doing before all this.
  9. Of course it is. Too harsh of a word on my part. My mistake there.
  10. I have yet to see the video. It sounds absolutely horrifying if its really that brutal :o. I don't even know where it is. I am more or less of the same mentality as you. I just casually watch Phil's content but also suffer from mental illness too.. But I try my best to stay leveled and balanced. And communicating with anyone helps. Hence my involvement here. Hope your health gets better my dude.
  11. Thank you for that. I guess I am a bit too naive and gullible many times when it comes to the internet. I should say tho I didn't mean to spread any false information and have always updated any information I say that turns out not to be true. I guess I was just a bit too late and slow and less knowledgeable than I should have been before engaging in the topic. And wow... I was not aware you were being targeted and harassed :/ I am very sorry to hear that. Hopefully that stuff stops soon.
  12. Indeed it does. Its why I said earlier defining and claiming something is or isnt a job was alot less helpful in the discussion entirely. Warped perception or not.. The definition is broad for a reason.
  13. Not really. But its an interesting discussion imo. And it involves alot of mysteries that are just now being revealed. These topics will always crop up sadly but if anything its informative of the happenings among the community.
  14. You mean the thread topic? Basically many of the private messages between SoK members and ex members have been leaked exposing some really dirty, back handed and underhanded secrets.. And just now some criminal leaks about things in the past that originally it was believed they were not responsible for. Along with that it has revealed a oattern of behavior all stemming from the supposed leader of the SoK which drives motivations through fear and limitations. Its... Messed up basically.
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