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  1. Amount of shit-talkers in this thread tho.
  2. Mora, you are good at Photoshop dude. Report the obvious trolls dude. Haters gonna hate.
  3. What do you think of detractors who stalk fans and send multiple abusive PM's? Is that allowed then? #hypocrisy
  4. Sonic is gonna be fixed!! Yey!!
  5. He's obviously trying to bait. But you can bet he is one of the mods who got exterminated and trying to recoup some confidence he lost from being fired. Another detractor slain.
  6. Sweet car man. I have a BM myself but this looks neat AF.
  7. That laptop isnt the best idea there dude.
  8. Its not. Also have to laugh at anyone thinking a screenshot accounts for "evidence". Not like anyone can edit html or use Paint to edit it right?
  9. Shouldnt mean you stab Phil in the back tho does it mate.
  10. Five ppl being demoted is crazy, not saying they didnt deserve it or anything. Sounds like they got their jimmies rustled.
  11. Hey Dog people on Twitter don't appear happy about your thread. They think you are DSP's alt account lol.
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