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  1. The latest news suggests that Brock Lesnar will indeed be around after Wrestlemania. I have no problem at all with Lesnar retaining the title and moving on with a new rivalry. Hopefully we'll get to see Lesnar vs Orton soon after mania. And with the history between Orton and Rollins... I can see Rollins cashing in on that match and setting up a huge rivalry. To be honest I'd love to have Bryan win at mania... but the dude just got back. And Reigns is nowhere near ready to carry that belt. I'm gonna change my mind a lot hahahahahaha but my pick is Lesnar all the way. He ended the streak last year at mania, I expect him to do great things this year. They wouldn't let Undertaker or Cena beat him... Having Reigns or Bryan beat him... nope!
  2. Paul Dano This dude has a hell of a bright future ahead of him. He's one hell of a villian (There will be blood, 12 years a slave) but also a very likable guy ( Ruby Sparks, the girl next door) Safe to predict that he'll get an oscar sooner than later :)
  3. Friends Even people than never watched frienda knows the intro song. I watched all 10 seasons back to back last year aftet getting the blu ray set. The song never got old :)
  4. A Million Ways To Die In The West This movie had some amazing cameos. From a one liner from Ewan Mcgregor to no lines at all by Ryan Reynolds. But without question, my two favourites are Jamie Fox as Django and Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown :) Just hearing the back to future tune in another movie in 2014 was classic!
  5. ​Had the exact same thought about the bat. Let's hope we're right ;)
  6. Ready to Rumble Not the best movie of all time hahaha, definitely not. But certainly a guilty pleasure for sure. I've been a wrestling fan since I was 5. From the ECW, WCW and "WWF" days. So any movie that has Goldberg, Sting, Mr.619 himself (without a mask) and many more. Not to mention one of the co-stars actually won the WCW title... for real, go google it. Guilty Pleasure all the way :)
  7. Apocalypto Another Mel Gibson classic, proof that this dude knows what he's doing. When I started watching this movie and realised the whole movie woukd be subtitled... I wasn't too impressed. But wow!!! Brilliantly done, after the movie I couldn't even remember readig anything... nut know I read it all. It's a long movie to get through, but definitely worth every second :)
  8. Evil Dead Trilogy One of my absolute favourite franchises of all time. Watch the original trilogy and the reboot/remake every Halloween :)
  9. Braveheart Say what you wany about Mel Gibson, the man is brilliant!
  10. The Green Mile Without question, one of Stephen King's very best adaptations ever put on film. Running around the 3 hour mark, this movie has gained one hell of a following. Hanks is brilliant as always, but there's no denying that MC Duncan stole the show. Movie captivates you in such a way that 3 hours feels like an hour at most. And I will admit I was crying like a schoolgirl towards the end. What other loooong movies do you guys believe are worth wathcing every second for?
  11. ​Aw man... I could be wrong here, but it sounds very similar to a line from Bloodsport?
  12. Christian Bale This dude literally becomes these characters. Forget body of work... just look at his actual body transformations throughout his career. Always gives 100%, that's why I can honestly say he hasn't made a bad movie yet. He's a legend!
  13. "If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything"
  14. "Come out to the coast, we'll get together. Have a few laughs..."
  15. Spiderman "They mostly come out at night... mostly"
  16. Went to close the application of Resident Evil on my PS4 and accidentally deleted it hahahaha. Now I have to download it all over again... the Horror!
  17. 12 Years a Slave Without question, the most powerful movie I've seen in the last decade. A look behind the curtain at the life of slavery and the emotional drive of an incredible man (Solomon Northup) Incredible true story that deeply impacted me. In my opion, his is the best true story ever put on film. Chiwetel Ejiofor gives the performance of a lifetime!
  18. Edward Norton There should be no doubt that this dude is a legend. From his iconic role in Fight Club (Best "guy" movie ever made) one of yhe best cinematic prefomances of our time in American History X. Great smaller roles in the The Grand Budapest Hotel and Birdman ( to name a few). This guy is a 100% brilliant actor! Not a bad prefomance in sight :)
  19. ​Sorry dude, didn't see it. My bad
  20. ​Afrikaans, nice one dude :) You from South Africa too, or just studied it? If you don't mind me asking
  21. Nathan Drake's back!!! The highly anticipated game is around the corner :) One of my favourite gaming trilogies finally gets the next gen fourth installment it deserves. I trust Naughy Dog and know they wilk deliver the goods. They've proven that they know what they're doing time and time again. We've seen features added and expand throughout the trilogy. What would you guys like to see in the next game? I know the games are mostly linear, but would love a semi open world map (Not huge) just big enough to make it fresh and new :)
  22. Sam Rockwell Fom his menacing prefomance in Green Mile to carrying a movie singlehandedly in Moon. Sam Rockwell is on of the most under appreciated actors working today. His been in some major blockbusters and some amazing independent films. Can honestly say I haven't seen him in a bad prefomance and doubt I ever will. Hollywood needs more actors like this! What other stars can you guys think of? :)
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