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  1. the only one of these shows that i have seen is avatar.
  2. it was already heavily hinted at in the original game.
  3. I don't see a point is having a discord though. we already have places to talk. we already have a special place for patrons to talk, it's just dead and my attempts to revive it failed. I imagine discord will have a similar fate. The only benefit I see would be multiplayer stuff, but even then most multiplayer games have built in voice chat. He needs to do something he isn't already doing.
  4. So I just got muted from osrs for the dumbest reason. There was a couple people in the chat discussing religion, one of them was muslim and used the common phrase "allahakbar". I said "what do you say to the fat muslim? it's allah akbar not all-of-the snack-bar" Apparently a retarded dad joke is worth getting muted and labeled a nazi over
  5. Hope you don't mind, I'm going to ask these in the patron forum. They're good questions so I want to make sure they get answered.
  6. Everyone knows the rule...
  7. No harm done really as it was wrong information (it was some random guy's instagram, not mine) but yeah it's creepy. why would they even take an interest in me of all people? I'm not some figure in the "DSP community" or anything.
  8. So apparently some of Phil's trolls have "found my instagram". The level of research was a username and knowing my race..lol Nice try, next time do better research.
  9. Gays. women are competition in the cooking business
  10. Veera


    Sorry for not responding very fast, i've been...away. I don't currently live in India but I am Indian. The guide to make the things your wife and mother give you.
  11. lol If you really want to counter this, go to a wrestling event with a "DSP keep making videos" sign.
  12. I don't think anyone coming to this thread expects better than to hear a guy talk about his "ding a ling" rising. It's a waifu thread, not a husbandu (is that a thing?) thread.
  13. Yes, because they totally don't antagonize people every day. He is "cheering us on" because he agrees with us. I never insulted anyone but I'm being called a hypocrite and having my point deliberately misrepresented. Don't act like they aren't the problem. Honestly if lastrambo wasn't a patron, I'd believe he was a troll. He keeps making drama threads and then does stuff like this. I say that as someone who agrees with him more often than not. If I'm going to be banned for this, then this isn't the kind of website I want to be on in the first place. The fact that this is even a discussion we're having leaves a really bitter taste.
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