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  1. Yes, join the Bills fandom, you'll love it here
  2. Holy crap that Bills/Dolphins game was insane. I honestly don't care that the Bills lost, I just want everyone getting healthy. Pretty sure half the team was gone at some point.
  3. Here's hoping Dane Jackson of the Bills recovers well, that was a gruesome head/neck collision he had. But yeah, very happy Bills fan. The fact that Derrick Henry only rushed 25 yards total is a statement for this Bills D. Bills vs Dolphins should be a very fun game
  4. Hope Lance recovers well, but gotta say. The 49ers saved their season by being able to keep Jimmy G
  5. So many low scoring games so far. Really wish I had different games to watch, 13-6 for Panthers/Giants and 10-3 for Patriots/Steelers. Happy the Lions are beating the Commanders down though
  6. I mean, most upgrades from PS4 to PS5 are free (unless you're Sega or owned by Sega). Maybe it'll be the same for PSVR games
  7. Yeah, there were a lot of farming sim games. But Harvestella has my attention out of them all. Fatal Frame 4 coming to the west was a good surprise, as well as Octopath Traveler 2. New Fire Emblem I'm excited for, and only 4 months out. Raincode, the supernatural murder mystery game, I'm all for. Detective games from them like the Somnium Files games I have been enjoying so much
  8. Well this was a fun opening game tonight. Tough first half for both sides, offenses and defenses making plays. I say it was just rust that held the Bills back. The second half shutout was a beauty. I feel very comfortable about the full season now
  9. Yeah, they really loved making collecting stuff difficult in Crash 4. Sad the devs got shoved into just doing call of duty with all the others so they won't get to make another one and maybe tone down the difficulty a bit.
  10. It's a really good story so far, and very pretty (probably the best you could make a visual novel game look so far). The tactical stuff isn't the best but keeps the digimon types and elements from other games in it to make you think about who to send out and such.
  11. Ok, I finished Part 3 of Digimon Survive, consider me shaken up a bit for tonight. Didn't think a game could affect me this much but it sure has and now I'm afraid of what'll happen farther in
  12. While I don't see a need to have this be made, I do agree that it is just a flag and that this whole thing is thrown out of proportion. Unless the guy actually is homophobic, but there's nothing saying they are
  13. The only Madden game I own is back on the N64, if it's actually good (which apparently the PC version has problems), then maybe I'll give 23 a shot
  14. Wait, they actually put effort into the game?! The madmen!
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