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  1. I know it's only preseason, but I think Colts fans should be worried a bit. They played their starters quite a bit and struggled on offense against the 2nd/3rd team Bills players. Defense starters did good though, forcing 4 turnovers on Case Keenum (not all his fault but still). I was surprised with how Matt Barkley performed in the second half though, he was rocking it out there with the rookies and tryouts and they got the win 27-24. I'll give Keenum another chance, but I think Barkley's giving a good reason to be the backup again. Oline did a decent job protecting the QB's. I think there was just the one fumble, but not much else allowed. There wasn't much run game though outside of a long run by Zack Moss. Defensively, they did a decent job. Got a few sacks in, but the penalties were killing us. The corners and safeties were what I cared about the most since White and Poyer are still out for now, and Hyde did get a small injury during camp. They did good overall, some nice pass breakups and good coverage to keep the starters from scoring big early on with all those turnovers.
  2. Most people are enjoying it, there's just some issues with the PC version, and people are review bombing it for being a visual novel, when the game was stated to being one many times -_-
  3. I'd argue Stray was a pretty big release considering all the high reviews it got. He's not gonna play Xeno 3 because he hasn't beat 1 or 2 (and never will given past history with 1). I'm holding off on 3 myself for now. I got Digimon Survive to start playing once I finish a couple other games. Live-a-Live, I bet he doesn't even know what that is. And he's never played a game with HD-2D before
  4. Nasal drainage seems to be gone, but not getting much better otherwise.
  5. I'm a PS and Nintendo guy lol
  6. Will do my best. Was shocking to hear my test be described as "lighting up like a christmas tree" O_o
  7. Welp, after going so long covid free, it finally got me x.x
  8. Ok, so what if the woman's life is in danger while pregnant and the only way to survive is by an abortion?
  9. All I'll say is this. So you support that women and teens who get raped or suffer from incest can't get abortions? You also support that women who would want abortions because of said rape would be punished worse than the rapists? You support the fact that women who could potentially die because of the baby causing health problems can't get abortions? You support women actually dying because they couldn't get an abortion from pregnancy complications or go to jail because of it? What about poor women who can't afford having a child but forced to have one anyway, just to ditch them at a foster care (because I'm certain those places are gonna be packed if this keeps going). Because all this will happen when states start banning abortion outright. Males do not have the right to choose what a woman does with her body, and I'd never make them do something that would end up hurting them in the long run. Kinda sad that you guys only think about the unborn infants and not the women who could possibly suffer or die from forced pregnancy.
  10. Well, glad I haven't played Persona 5 Royal yet, as it's getting a PS5 upgrade this year ^_^
  11. I honestly wouldn't take too much from this first gameplay footage. Seems like an earlier build and the person playing really wasn't playing well. Like, just tapping the boost button while running around instead of holding it, stopping so often for no reason, etc. I'll wait for more gameplay before anything else. Good thing they're showing off the game all month long
  12. I have a feeling we'd be going towards adventure 2 more with the Ark. Would be able to delve into the Robotnik backstory with the government I think. And they did state they weren't going to go in order based on the games, so anything's possible
  13. Sheesh, Bills get a tough start up to the Packers sunday night game. I'll take 6-7 primetime games though
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