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  1. You know, you could just ignore him playing it. It's kinda getting annoying reading the same thing every day in here about it -_-
  2. More like a Wii U gamepad, since you need a PS5 and the game downloaded on there in order to play it handheld
  3. AFC East vs NFC East is gonna be a bloodbath this year, evenly matched divisions imo
  4. Oooh Bills got such a good schedule. 3 home primetime games, only 4 games early in the season on the normal 1 pm slot, and it alternates between home and away almost all season, and even then the 2 away games have a bye week in-between. Looking forward to a lot of nighttime football
  5. Ok, just looked it up on the nfl site. First monday night game is Bills @ Jets, that'll be a fun time. Lions @ Chiefs for the season opening game
  6. I haven't seen that announced, apparently it'll be the first Monday night game, that should be a good one
  7. oh yeah, I saw that movie! It was something to say the least lol
  8. I imagine you could add stuff to it that would send you in other directions too
  9. Same here, glad the Bills got Allen both weapons and protection, plus a LB replacement. Can't wait to see how they use Kincaid at TE
  10. Well first, I'm glad the Bills got their TE and stole him from the Cowboys in the process. Second, good news for you MDC. Rodgers' contract was adjusted so he's only making a little over a million this year, so the Jets have a lot more cap space. Never thought he'd take such a huge pay cut.
  11. Oh no, glad you rescued him. Hopefully he'll get some good treatment
  12. Wow, Texans going crazy trading to get the number 3 pick back after trading the number 3 earlier on
  13. Oh I'm sure there's a way. People got Witcher 3 to run on Switch, just gotta have the talent to port it properly
  14. The problem here isn't the o-line (can always improve but still), because they played better whenever Wilson wasn't playing. Flacco was decent and White has had good games with that o-line, Wilson just isn't cutting it at this point. QB is honestly their weakness and with both flacco and white gone, they have to make a change. And what sucks is that the longer it takes to get Rodgers, the harder it'll be for the team to even move forward.
  15. I just can't see the trade happening, it shouldn't be this difficult. If it doesn't happen by the draft then the Jets get screwed over this year
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