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  1. White is that guy, doing all that in the heavy rain is pretty impressive. Watched the Browns get an OT win against the Bucs so happy to see that. And saw the ending for the Jaguars getting an awesome drive for the win with a 2 point conversion
  2. Fell asleep before halftime, good to see the Vikings won, kinda scared that Jones had a career high game though
  3. Was a fun game to watch with extended family. Rough second half again, but Allen pulled through in the end with an awesome rope to Diggs
  4. So many QB's benched this week. Zach Wilson, Davis Mills, Baker Mayfield, no Stafford and Fields most likely, Rodgers playing with a broken thumb. Wild week
  5. I played a translated version of it on emulator, wasn't too bad from my time playing, they even added extra story bits to flesh the kids out more which was nice
  6. Wilson might not even be the starter for the next game since the head coach hasn't committed to having him play
  7. Oh god, had a feeling you'd be pissed about that xD A good win for the Bills and the Pats winning does help the Bills out, sorry it had to happen that way to ya though
  8. No, we need more afc east chaos lol. Gotta get the patriots to 6-4 for Jets to be 6-4, and then hopefully Bills and Dolphins are 7-3. Most competitive I've seen this division in so long
  9. Another good game in overtime, we got some good football today
  10. Bills are now 3rd place because of the Jets loss, and yeah, Dolphins lead the division again. But holy shit, that's one of the most insane games I've ever seen. The insane catches, the defensive stands, the insane runs, like wtf. I hate that we lost that way, and the Bills and Allen really need to figure things out with their second half play. But holy hell, what a ride
  11. I played a few hours yesterday, and so far it's really fun just exploring the land, fighting the bosses which I already feel more powerful and it's pretty satisfying. It is nice that you don't have to do everything to get what you need to progress, but the completionist in me had to go for it all and I did everything before I need to continue on with the story parts And while the pop in can be a problem a bit (not everything pops in badly), it's mostly the game engine as people pointed out. It's happened in other games, just much easier to notice in an open setting. At the very least, I get a smooth 60fps on PS5 so I cannot complain about the graphics that much
  12. Well this has been quite an interesting midterm election. There's definitely no red wave like republicans thought would happen and so far they might only have a very small majority in the House and still a tie in the Senate. Curious to see how things play out
  13. Also shoutout to the one reviewer who said Sonic Frontiers is "the Balan Wonderworld of 2022" which makes zero sense XD
  14. Good to see Sonic Frontiers getting a lot of good reviews, not a perfect game but a great first attempt from what I'm seeing. Can't wait to try the game out this week
  15. 3 redzone INTs by Rodgers, that's just sad against the worst defense lol
  16. What a defensive battle throughout, just couldn't get the offense going in the second half and I'm now worried that Allen's arm is hurt This coin flip prediction might be real now xD
  17. What a strange second half. Happy the Bills dominated the first half, but Allen's 2 picks were silly mistakes on his part. Also the Packers are horrible with time management. It was like they weren't even trying to win while the Bills were simply on cruise control. Yes, run 9 times in a row when you're losing by 21 points to chew down the clock, makes total sense. Same with the 2 minute drive, there was no hustle, no spiking the ball where it was obvious to do so. Really confused, but a win's a win. On to the Jets!
  18. What I saw from Wilson is kinda what Allen did the first couple years, trying to make a play no matter what and throwing it up for easy INTs. It's something he'll have to grow out of which takes some time. If his QB coach is good like Ken Dorsey was for Allen, he has a chance to improve. But so far, the 2021 QB class is really struggling this year. So a lot of QB's need to improve.
  19. oh boy, so much drama caused by the original Bayonetta voice actor, all for it to be a lie -_-
  20. Ok, what the hell happened to the Patriots tonight? The Bears shouldn't have dominated any team this year, yet the Patriots are getting outplayed on all sides of the ball O_o
  21. My bad, my point stands. I was just thinking about the Packers losing to the Commanders and mixed them up
  22. Funny to see the Bucs losing to the Commanders. Brady's divorce is absolutely affecting his team. Sure was worth coming back for another season, wasn't it? :P
  23. God, what a way for the Bills to finish off the Chiefs and win 24-20, and now have the sole lead of the AFC at 5-1. Jets right behind though and play in a few weeks, so that should be a fun matchup Also it's wild how close the stats are between Allen and Mahomes. Only 9 yard difference passing (1 yard difference when including sacks), 11 yard difference running, and same amount of pass attempts and completions when including Mahomes' 2 INT. Bills doubled overall on the run game, but yeah, it's kinda insane how even these teams are
  24. The Packers only scoring 3 points in the last 4 quarters isn't a thing I was expecting to see
  25. They'd release Adams for being frustrated the team lost in such a bad way? Their best receiver? They'd be really dumb to do so
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