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  1. I mean, it's not that big of a deal if he just has a lazy eye. Shouldn't be freaking out that much over it if he's acting like nothing's wrong
  2. It's insane what happened last night. First ever perfect offensive game in nfl history among several other firsts made. God that was way too much fun to watch with my mom and dad
  3. Lots of content to still be discovered. It's how the Yakuza series is, playing it once a week for that is fine imo
  4. I can't believe the Steelers are actually going to the playoffs. Thank you Jaguars for keeping the playoff chaos going
  5. Oh nice, you finished the Heavensward story. Definitely an awesome song
  6. Because it's meant to showcase PS5 haptic feedback and is a Sony exclusive Or he's just not interested in playing them. You can play ITT online
  7. I hope we get Chiefs/Bengals in playoffs, and yeah, the Pats needed a game like that to get over the Bills game XD
  8. You see Antonio Brown getting released from the Bucs? Finally he's gone! Also Bills have made the playoffs, let's go!
  9. It's more like Spiderman 1.5, an intermediate story to bring things together for the next one
  10. Man, playoffs are insane today for the Bills. Had to look up what needed to happen to help them. If Bills win, then the Ravens need to win to get up to 3rd seed. If they lose, then the Bengals, Chiefs, and Broncos need to win for the Bills to stay in. Chargers losing would help either way, same with the Dolphins winning due to tiebreakers to get up to 6th seed.
  11. It does get easier once you get to the expansions since it only covers 10 levels and they learn to condense the story a little better imo throughout the expansions
  12. Everyone's testing for covid at this point. It's insane. Just like this NFL season in general, nothing makes sense this year XD
  13. I've been enjoying FFXIV quite a bit myself, try to play a couple days a week since I don't have too much time for it
  14. It's not gonna matter if it gets passed by the House, Biden's going to veto it and they won't get the 2/3rds vote to override the veto
  15. One step at a time Dark, Atlus is just new to porting stuff to PC, and mainline persona almost always stays on PlayStation besides PC stuff. Nintendo gets the spinoff games (Persona Q/Strikers) and SMT
  16. I am all for this, hope it isn't too long of a wait to come out
  17. Well, I say most games ended up going well for the Bills playoff chances, a lot less teams with 7 wins than there could have been. Most teams still in the playoff race though. I still hope we get like 8 teams competing for playoff spots at the end for each conference XD
  18. Nah, Oline still had its problems, Allen had to run around a lot still. If he had more time in the pocket he'd be so much better. And honestly I don't remember with Feliciano. The Oline shifted so much on the right side I don't know who does what anymore XD
  19. I mean, the second interception his arm got hit, so nothing really on him there. But other than that, was a great game. Really needed that, and happy Edmonds got back in, really missed him for defense. Although I'm worried about White, we need him badly in the secondary. But we should get Brown back for the Oline (and should get much better by keeping Ford out of there) and Star for defense (to help with run game) from covid list, so things should hopefully be looking up ^_^ Oh, I forgot about Feliciano coming back from IR for the Oline soon as well. Should hopefully be much better moving forward
  20. Lions just gonna keep losing by end of game field goals it seems
  21. I'm facepalming pretty hard here. You can't just put more people in that branch?
  22. I'm probably gonna hold off until Legends Arceus comes out. I'm really hoping Game Freak can actually pull that off, if not, I got no hope for the game series until more competent devs can give it a try
  23. wait wtf? Even I'm lost on this. That makes absolutely no sense
  24. They probably are. Although the Switch is having no problems with newer sales, considering they topped console sales in October. I know they said they will keep working with the Switch, not making something entirely new. And the OLED dock's been revealed to secretly support 4k
  25. Well Dread isn't something you just play once. It's meant for multiple runs, trying speedrunning techniques and sequence breaking which the devs made intentional if you explore enough. You get rewards for beating the game in less than 4 hours on normal and hard to give you an idea
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