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  1. He doesn't go out because we're in the middle of a pandemic. If he gets covid he might be able to stream for a day or two that he cannot afford. The other streamers probably don't stream and upload video as much as DSP does. When he's not streaming he watches the uploads incase they get stuck in processing and he manually approves comments on his youtube videos so they get higher rankings.
  2. You don't necessarily need to send him money if you can't afford it. Just flag youtubers restreaming his streams.
  3. Buy music licenses from Soundstripe so we can listen to new music.
  4. 1. Phil's on youtube's black list meaning he gets paid less for ads because youtube doesn't like it when he uses foul language. 2. His videos get less views because people restreamed his twitch streams on youtube and archived his streams on their channels before he can upload his streams in parts. People are restreaming his twitch stream here right now.
  5. Getting a job that pays the same as youtube/twitch is impossible because he has been out of the labor market for a long time and any employer that does an internet search will not hire him when they see all the mistakes he has made on the internet. Dsp is in a cycle that will keep him going for a while longer. Detractors posting negative video clips about him are the reason why new viewers are checking him and decide he's not as horrible as the detractor's make him out to be. One day his parents will pass away and give him enough financial security to move onto something different. Until then the detractor's will keep him in the spotlight and new people will send him tips because they will think he is a better guy than what detractor's portray.
  6. He got his channel back, some loser filed a false DMCA claim.
  7. You can watch if the movie is available in your country and you have access to Twitch Prime. Look under June 2020 https://help.twitch.tv/s/article/watch-parties?language=en_US#:~:text=Can a viewer join my,Video subscribers in their region.
  8. I thought it would be a great way to show appreciation to his subscribers and encourage more people to subscribe to his channel.
  9. Hey Phil have you thought of doing a Twitch Watch Party? You could find a title that you enjoy and commentate over it while watching with Prime subscribers. It will be great when the game releases slowdown.
  10. It does make a big difference when you are playing a survival horror game.
  11. Maybe he can't do push-ups because of the herniated disc in his back....
  12. First of all he can't do any physical jobs like factories, stocking shelves, or walking long distances because of the herniated discs in his back. According to a guest on Joe Rogan's podcast employers won't give him an office jobs because they won't hire him because of all the stuff Phil has put on the internet. His bankruptcy isn't totally his fault because a group called Sons of Kojima filed false copyright strikes. This picture was posted on kiwifarms when Sons of Kojima fell apart.
  13. I installed the browser on Saturday and I've already earned $.47 that I can tip to a youtube or Twitch creator that signs up with Brave.
  14. It's bases of google chrome, it has adblocker and tracker blockers integrated. The browser allows you to earn a small amount of money by looking at ads offered by Brave and donate the money to a youtube or twitch creator that registers with Brave.
  15. The game is House Flipper and not Fixer Upper on Steam. My bad. Steam sale will probably start June 25th.
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