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  1. Finish playing Jurassic Park for the SNES and beat it today. I have to say it is fun but my word that game is tough. The biggest pain is if you turn off the game, you have to start from the very beginning. The hardest part of the game is going in the raptors nest and destroying the eggs. That level is a big maze which is a pain.
  2. Finally beat Conker Live and reloaded on Xbox series x and I have say it is a little better then the original. Still annoying as heck but had a fun time playing. I am glad the gun play for the zombie level and the military level is better then the original. Also the music is awesome especially hearing the instruments in the music.
  3. Watch both Sonic movies on paramount plus and have to say, Jim Carrey does Dr Eggman very well. He is so funny. The movie is also great. Can't wait for the third movie.
  4. Bought Bully for my Xbox because I have never played this game before. Also, this game was on sale so I had to get it.
  5. My favorite bugsnax character in the game is the Bungers because they are so funny. I always laugh when it chases you.
  6. Currently playing sniper elite 4 on gamepass.
  7. In splinter cell chaos theory, the bathhouse is the hardest level in the game. The beginning and middle of the level is not bad at all but, when it comes to the final part of the level, it was very annoying and frustrating to beat.
  8. As right now, I think xbox game pass ultimate is going to be much better then ps plus Premium but that could change I hope. As of right now, I am not sold for those two high tiers of ps plus. I am hoping for the best.
  9. Splinter cell chaos theory on the xbox series x.
  10. I am so happy that I am back at school in college. At least there is something else to do then doing nothing. Also, it will definitely help me mentally.
  11. I am glad that I have the original version of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and I can play it on my ps5. What I love about it is that on certain roads, cars will drive fast and crash into each other which always make me laugh.
  12. I was so used to the PlayStation Controller for many years and thought it would of been hard to get used to. I guess I was wrong.
  13. When I first got my Xbox series X, I though I was going to have a hard time with the controller because I am used to the PlayStation controller. It was easier then I first thought.
  14. I Just watched it now on hbomax today. I have to agree with you. I also went with low expectation with this and didn't hate it. It was just okay. It could of been a lot worse then this.
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