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  1. Thanks for completely ignoring the point.
  2. Low quality videos are not a factor? Alright then.
  3. True. But how long before this turns into the great solution? I think people have a right to live in fear. I don't even know how to respond to this.
  4. Are you suggesting that Trump isn't racist or am I reading it wrong?
  5. A large number of people were predicting that he will cause the nuclear war but a study shows that 20% of them are Trump supporters. That's what's so fucked up here. The first holocaust wasn't enough to teach the world that we can't let something like that happen again. Now American has to pay the price for their ignorance. Also Hitler didn't do any of that until after he went into power. Trump hasn't done anything yet but since he hired a white supremacist it is very possible that he could.
  6. Spectacular Spiderman. Two seasons of an epic cartoon series with great cast of characters and animation. Easily the best portrayal of spiderman.
  7. A psychopath is a person who, is an exceptional liar, doesn't except responsibility, feels no remorse or regret, and has superficial charm. It doesn't mean he's a insane but he's clearly capable of maladaptive behavior. The fact that this what the world wants makes me sick.
  8. Can you really not put a Mexican holocaust past him? He also has clear traits of a psychopath. Yet people voted him into power.
  9. Apparently the world hasn't learned from Hitler. Shame.
  10. That's the only thing I can think of. People serm love to ask for stuff that Phil already said no to. And then they top it off saying it will be popular yet they can't prove that.
  11. What!? Why? Why the fuck would you turn down a huge third party release? Have they truly lost their minds!? Yes. 100%. Which is why I criticised it as not being an actual game. All the console does is read data to keep score and send single to the joycon's rumble. It reminds me of the Magnavox Odyssey. It was just a bunch of board games that you put on your screen and all the system did was le you control a white dot as the board pieces. 1 2 Switch should have been marketed as an app meant to let you play around with the motion control. That or have it work like two Switches back to back so you can see an actual game on screen. And even then $50!? There's no justification for that price.
  12. Here's my reasoning why he shouldn't. Crouching isn't animated. your arms float in the air. Subtitles get glitched. It just looks like shit for the audience. There's also the fact that facecam is pointless as his face is covered and he'll need to take breaks after each part.
  13. You guys are only making this worse. And I doubt it would even get views. It's an old DLC that Phil is in the middle of.
  14. I would suggest skipping anything under 6% and you dhould have a much more manageable time with releases.
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