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  1. Is that a trick question? I have no idea since i barely watch the playthru. It was not always like this tho. He used to play alot of long playthru even with his 10-15min vids. But he changed. So ppl who care for it left. btw off topic: now that he does game nominees and polls on his youtube channel, does he even come here anymore?
  2. So yeah, heard hes gonna play one after it. Dunno where to put my suggestion so im posting it here. -Tales of arise -FF7 original Both options above confirmed phil said he wanted to play. Was gonna suggest SMT5 but ofc Mr."I grew up with jrpg" aint having it. Feel free to suggest urs after me if u want. @Phil tag for visibility
  3. Yes, and hopefully he will actually pick it up and play more than a few streams then drop it. If he had use all the time he spent on sf2 on other fighting games, im pretty sure he can get somewhat competitive alrdy (even tho he doesnt need to).
  4. yes, he rarely listen to anyone anymore. Just trying for the heck of it. fyi, altho goty nominees doesnt exactly means its good, phil missed 4 out of 5 games nominated in the RPG category. And the one he did play is cyberpunk2077. Just let that sink in that this is Mr. "i grew up with jrpg" we are talking about.
  5. Lets be real here. Putting a 2k$ goal for a reveal that would be “positive to the stream” and turns out to be just a cat is a shitty move. He also said that taking care of jasper would not affect his financials since its just one cat. Now hes using jaspers food as excuse for his begging too.
  6. No, its the way it is bcos theres more ppl who dislike him more than who does. This is bcos his PR is shit. Which is bcos he acts shit. Unless ur fans from back in the day hes just not likable for newcomers.
  7. He doesnt have fan made content anymore. Thats saying something about his own content.
  8. Unless ur new, we already seen him play it multiple times. And he isnt doing anything significantly different in his new playthrough. Why would i want phil to fill his schedule with something i ve already seen for more than half a year? Thats my expected time for him to complete all the games in the trilogy. Even then, if u ve never see him play, just go watch the his old playthrough on youtube and u ll get the same experience minus the asking for tips.
  9. Well most ppl havent replayed the game multiple times and they are feeling the nostalgia. Still, imo its not a big release and will be games ppl play for nostalgia when they arent playing anything else. But phil is not most ppl. He alrdy played it multiple times and hes playing for his audience who has alrdy seen it. If he has nothing else to play then sure, go for it. But he has tons of "I ll play it later when i have free time" games not to mention unfinished games. His gaming schedule is alrdy shit as it is and gta isnt improving that. Lets just go with Tales of arise as the easiest choice (ofc its in his "play later when im free" list). Its one of the best jrpg this year. Metroid dread is also one alot of ppl requested but hes avoiding it for unknown reason. No im not buying his "ppl dont like him playing metroidvania games" excuse. Scarlet nexus is also good but he did say hes not interested so i ll give this one a pass. ff7 original is also one that he say he wanted to play ever since the remake was announced but never try to find time to actually play it and keep filling his schedule with shit nobody asks for. Thats just off the top of my head and im sure there alot more if i went back and search for them. Even tho the games are all long, any game would be shorter than 3 gta games combined.
  10. @Phil well since u asked No, i have no interest in u replaying gta. No, i dont want to support just to have music turned on. And i want to question ur source or why u think that the gta trilogy is a big release and will put butts in seats. You skipped a bunch of new rpgs bcos u dont have time, but will replay all the gta in the trilogy. Why? You complain about too much remaster and remake games this year, yet u keep playing them when u could ve played actual new games. Why? Just in case you listen, dont play the gta trilogy and drop ur weekly sf2turbo already.
  11. just memory holed it and act like nothing happened. im sure there ll be fundraising and marathon streams still.
  12. So when is that ff7 original playthru you wanted to play coming?
  13. Cappuccino


    His problem tho is he makes his money from begging. And he isnt improving or making any new ideas to attract new ppl. Every goals or events are the same for years. He makes big money from begging so now he cant stop since if he stops the earnings go down.
  14. U ll probably have to vote for it in viewers choice. Otherwise he wouldnt touch it bcos its jrpg
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