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  1. On 10/1/2021 at 11:39 AM, Aceman said:

    Don't care anymore. As a 5 month sub he shadowbanned me. Be a man and ban people outright instead of sneaky stuff like this so you can keep getting my monthly sub. I won't turn into some detractor but I also am aware of his BS. 

    Some people skate by and some loyal fans get banned. It seems random at times what people will get banned for. The most innocuous stuff can lead to a ban. What got you shadow banned?

  2. People have made some really great points in here that are all worth addressing. Mainly that all we've ever received are non-answers, ignoring things, and that none of what we actually have been told makes sense.

    To the point of the original post, even if the transactions weren't true (but the identity theft/slander paradox, 2FA LINE ignorance/current knowledge make it seem very plausible and true) it still begs the question of what is going on. Phil has said in the past that people who try to talk to him about this aren't adults and don't pay bills but I suspect many of us operate a household or manage their own budgets. As wheredoisignup mentioned, he is making thousands of dollars less and still surviving. So all that time on Twitch must have been supplying a lot.

    Phil not too long ago said he can't survive on $3000 a month (many people survive on much less even near his area) so he must be making pretty good money. A DINK (dual income, no kids) situation is pretty good and the money piles up quick. The bankruptcy removed loads of debt off of his plate. So you have to wonder what could possibly be eating all those funds up.

    @MoraMoria I believe it was you in a deleted post that talked about the line app, phone number, and discord information. This is another thing that lines up well and the only answer to it right now seems to be that someone created a fake automated line exactly like a legitimate bank or somehow hacked it and had it read out replies that match up perfectly with things over the last year and more. Or that they had perfectly been charging his account without him knowing. Every single question in your opening post is worth answering.

    There are just too many things that are answered with the pieces of information that have leaked out overtime in corroboration with what we know straight from Phil telling us VS an extremely perfect and sophisticated take down using an incredible amount of hacked information and vulnerabilities in companies.


    - Can't live off $3,000/month



    On 9/30/2021 at 8:33 PM, MoraMoria said:

    There's 0 chance he's answering this. I thought it would be 1/1000000, but clearly the M.O. has changed for even worse.

    Completely sheltered, YouTube, Twitter & even his own Forums. No way to have anything that resembles a conversation or him addressing the lightest of critics, or respond to anything that is not a bottom-of-the-barrel-lowest-of-tiers "troll" tips, over the top sycophants/yes-man LARPers, or the laziest of insults easy to counter.

    That Pre-stream was the definition of a non-answer, and that's all he'll give. That right there is the culmination of all "drama", where does the money go, everything circles around that question and he has no answer.

    The safe-bubble is complete now that things got to this point, I don't see any reason to further question him on anything. Red-herrings, straw-mans, silence, or "if you're a fan, you'll believe me without questioning", that's all that's left, he won't take the challenge of providing an actual argument.

    It's a shame that this website is called "The King Of Hate", the state that is in is the opposite of what those words were supposed to convey.

    I believe I was fair in the OP, if not, tell me how so.

    If any moderator is reading, I'll rather keep this thread open, please don't lock it even if all of this is dead.


    11 hours ago, wheredoisignup said:

    Honestly even just his transition from Twitch to Youtube should have shown everyone he's not as poor off as he wants people to think he is. From his own words, he was/is making thousands of dollars less on YT than he was on Twitch even just through subscriptions alone, but he's doing just fine... yet when he was on Twitch, it was the same story, needing to hit every tips goal or he'd be screwed, even though by his own admission he was making thousands of dollars more during that time.

    Phil's income in a 2-person household without any children to take care of is what a lot of people would consider "Fuck you money" and it had to have been going somewhere. The fact he is dishonest about it is what's disappointing rather than the fact he's spending frivolously on leisure & entertainment.

    Very well said, both of you. And honestly, everything I've read in this thread has been well said.

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  3. On 9/9/2021 at 11:47 AM, MoraMoria said:

    What is Phil doing? That wasn't nice at all.

    I wasn't there when it happened, but people talking about Kanye/Drake/whoever shouldn't get them in trouble. It's a chat, it's bound to have "derailment".

    Timestamp: [4:02 - 5:07]


    Oh yeah, I was there for that. I don't understand why he did that. During the stream there were people trying to talk to him and that didn't really get a response (I think people here are familiar with this kind of thing for Phil). And honestly, it seems normal for people to talk about different stuff amongst themselves during a stream. That segment of the video looks like a big overreaction to me. Especially since there is someone who attends his streams that I have seen frequently who is always giving him information about the game so its not like he needed everyone chatting about the game specifically to tell him what to do.

  4. On 9/3/2021 at 2:42 PM, MoraMoria said:

    This idea goes in line with what you mentioned him saying: the incentive is to financially support him so that he's able to continue streaming, that's what you get & that's what you supposedly would want, (ideally for him). Again, events & benefits are the cherry on the top.

    I think an issue with this might be that it pales in comparison to other things that different content creators do. Phil doesn't watch other content creators, as he said before, but his audience most likely does. There are a lot of content creators that people will want to support just so they could keep doing what they do AND there is some kind of incentive and reward for them. A lot of people have limited discretionary funds so I wouldn't be shocked if a lot of people were choosing other creators to support.

  5. 22 hours ago, Cyndi said:

    i have seen 20 different paying memebers/subs saying it like King vanity , six70two and many more

    Definitely king vanity. Its funny that that guy alone makes his stream chat worse than it ever was on Twitch. He reminds me of those "two" posters who were on here at some point. A troll posed as a super aggressive/supportive fan who riles shit up and harasses others.

    I can't be convinced his youtube chat and stream is a "positive" place if clear and obvious shit like that doesn't actually get moderated lol

  6. 4 hours ago, kill-chan said:

    Phil's point is very simple: twich accused him of wrongdoing with no evidence. Meaning, they could do that to anyone, and because they have basically no real competition, they can afford to do that to people. Phil is literally 1 in a dozens of millions. That wouldn't be so bad, but then they told him the reason why he got unpartnered, and of all the things they could came up with, they went for the most confusing of all. Every single day twitch streamers get suspended/banned for the weirdest reasons , but he got unpartnered. How isn't that suspicious?

    Now: I don't know about you guys, but if I was a person with a public image, I wouldn't want my name to be associated with such accusations, both on a personal, social and business level. There would be serious ground for a lawsuit here or, at least the public apology Phil demanded ... except there's one small detail that Phil might have overlooked in the heat of the moment: Twitch has never publicly released any statement regarding the reason why they unpartnered him: PHIL HIMSELF DID. At this point , even he were to take action, the best he could do is accuse twitch of falsly unpartner him.

    But if he kept the email for himself and other parties were to preassure twtich to release a statement... now that would have opened a whole new storyline.


    They accused him of wrongdoing without presenting it to him but that isn't "no evidence". They can actually get rid of people without even giving a reason at all so yeah they can do this to anyone for any reason they want. I have to disagree and say that what Twitch "came up" with isn't confusing at all though. I think almost anyone can come up with an idea of what Twitch would consider a hateful slur from his streams/videos.

    "I don't know about you guys, but if I was a person with a public image, I wouldn't want my name to be associated with such accusations, both on a personal, social and business level."

    It is YEARS too late for that, unfortunately.

    1 hour ago, esi said:

    I agree...I watch a streamer who uses the word "retard" every other sentence. It's why I think Twitch simply wanted to move on from Phil...and "Hate Speech" is the avenue that they chose. It's a vague rule and Twitch knows it would hold up in a court of law. 

    I don't think they like the optics of DSP as a whole on Twitch...and they know there won't be some huge outcry in Phil's defense. IMO

    It is an interesting theory but I'm not sure why a company would take this kind of route when they can do the same thing without giving a reason. If they don't like the optics of Phil on Twitch, why wouldn't they just ban him outright in April instead of de-partnering him. He was still on Twitch streaming and doing the same things but without the income stream that involves Twitch. That is along the lines of the theory of Phil getting removed because of mass reports. You can still report people who aren't partnered en masse.

    I think a better and more fun theory to craft, if anyone is inclined to do so, is something that examines why Twitch wouldn't want him to make money through their systems. Not one that feels the reason is vague, or one that feels it is just because of one instance, or one that assumes it is because of the word "retard."

    1 hour ago, Selene304 said:

    It is not required. He is right that it is not good manners to just ban though they are not obligated to warn him. They should have given him the COURTESY of a real reason with examples. I think DSP doesn't understand calling people idiots or morons or pieces of shit is actually a hateful slur. I don't even think he thinks about it. Of course jmo

    I think I just don't get this line of thinking because of my personal experience and experience of people I know with at will employment and the ways companies behave in general and don't give a fuck about the people who work for them. "Good manners" just doesn't fit anywhere in here. Most corporations aren't going to coddle you or be kind to you as an employee and aren't going to be your friend. Expecting that is just trouble waiting to happen.

    Twitch is a company I've contacted a few times for various things and they are often slow to respond and take several weeks at a time. The reply tends to be terse and getting a reply after that is even harder. Sounds like some streamers are getting very special treatment if they get more than that and get extra information as a courtesy.




    I'll throw out my list of factors that I think are at play together/theory :

    1) Calling people "moron", "stupid", "mouth-drooling retard", "paranoid", "idiot", "mentally ill", saying that someone needs to "seek help", or anything that calls their mental health into question in a disparaging way

    2) Context and history - very possible that Twitch has their own IRC history and back end save of streams even if they are deleted from displaying to normal users so they can investigate things, a history of infractions might come into play when deciding how they want to handle things

    3) Twitch can take off-site things into consideration

    4) Moderation and large scale moderation is extremely subjective - some people will punish streamers for xyz thing while another moderator/admin would let it slide. You can see that even in Phil's own streams.

    5) The sheer number of reports - if Twitch say things happen once or twice in reports they may let it go but if they start looking back at all the reports and start seeing repeated pattern, they may not take kindly to it. A few people here talk about others they watch saying hateful slurs and not being punished. Well, are those people being reported for their history of language? Are those people getting a lot of reports in general from their audience? Is their audience watching them mostly people who don't like them?


    But who cares, none of us here have even seen the email and its all just theories and conspiracies at play. Its fun to speculate at first and then grows boring and sometimes outlandish.

  7. 3 hours ago, Selene304 said:

    but he is right about at least being warned

    Why? Lets say that they updated the policy to cover hateful slurs for the first time and they also didn't email him about the new policy or give any heads up at all. What things require a warning beforehand? It is a completely normal thing in life to have consequences happen without a warning.

    Even with the past infractions expiring after a few months, Twitch may still consider that history of punitive measures when they look at things.

    Anyways, like people pointed out, it doesn't matter because Phil isn't going to sue and attempt to prove that what Twitch did is legally wrong.

  8. It isn't hard to imagine that the rules for Twitch partnership and much more stringent than the rules for normal users. It is very possible that Twitch doesn't want someone making money through them and their tools if they violate some rules. It also isn't hard to imagine what things he has said in the past that kept counting against him when people reported it. A normal user might spam slurs in chats and get banned from the channel but that doesn't mean Twitch will automatically ban them off of the entire site. I'm sure there is much less scrutiny for normal users and streamers compared to partnered streamers.

    And looking at that video and his tweets, he seems to think hateful slurs are just about racial and sexual slurs. He also believes his streams are more tame than other streamers. He just doesn't understand the scope of what Twitch is talking about or what people were telling him in his stream yesterday. He thinks he has become a lot more tame and more positive but plenty of people will disagree with that for a lot of reasons.

  9. He knows that Twitch is very unlikely to bother responding to his demands. He was already implementing things to switch to YouTube and saying that he was glad he didn't do all that stuff on Twitch that would have been a waste of time if he was going to stay. Even if Twitch was to give him partnership back, I'm skeptical he'd even go back after seeing how much he has been getting on YouTube instead. The email he sent and the video don't seem like they'll have any purpose.

  10. There are a couple of times I decided to look at his Twitch and saw the news segment. What he was saying was pretty inaccurate and seemed like it was really just a launching point to talk about his opinion and interpretation of the news. Other news stories that would have been a good topic were skipped and the ones that were covered sounded like he skimmed what they were about. But if people actually cared, they'd read or watch the source of the news instead of someone trying to recall the news.

  11. 1 hour ago, babymngaming456 said:

    He has a grudge against everyone who ever wronged him.

    I think that is true but I never expected a video game was something that could make the list.

    1 hour ago, MoraMoria said:

    For advertisement, which has nothing wrong in itself.


    I didn't really follow anything from this game, but I keep hearing about it and how people will "passionately" disagree with the other end of the spectrum.

    It's a game, and at the end it's your subjective opinion what will decide if it's "good" or not, (for oneself). If you want to argue about objective aspects of it, like if the writing is well done under common sense criteria, that's one thing, but I don't really see that, just "epic gamers" having slapfights over the Internet on the most mundane topic.

    I don't even know how "excessive gore" can be a supposedly objective bad characteristic of the game... then "pointless sex scenes"? What is in his mind a "non-pointless" sex-scene? It's probably not there to give insight to the plot.

    And the section that praises the game just to "stick it to the haters" isn't that big, is it? Shouldn't it be bigger to emphasize his point?

    I'll take advertisement as the point. I think that is a weird way to go about it but that tweet could serve as an advertisement for a certain kind of audience that Phil wants for his streams. The reason you don't see objective aspects under a criteria is because there is very little. There are a lot of people who masquerade their subjectivity as something objective though.

    I can't understand the point about excessive gore as well. It isn't anything outside the limits of what the franchise as done before and its so far away from the goriness that other video games have reached. For Phil, maybe what he finds to be a non pointless sex scene is a scene that leads to another one showing pregnancy or childbirth. Games at this point have plenty of details that don't give insight to the plot. Narrative accessories, world building, tone, mood, etc are often conveyed through things that don't give insight to plot.

    I'd argue that section shouldn't be there at all since it is completely outside the bounds of story and writing. You can argue "deceptive" ads also doesn't really have a place there.


    Overall, it doesn't matter in the least but I think it is just peculiar for a few reasons. Oh well.

  12. 1 hour ago, babymngaming456 said:

    We are at it again. More clout chasing. Maybe someone will give it attention if it has more tags.


    Aside from this looking like it doesn't make complete sense; what is the point of this? This is an unhealthy grudge for a video game. It is like Neil Druckmann personally did something to Phil.

  13. The simplest explanation is that there is a rule he broke that is for partners/affiliates that does not break Twitch ToS. That is even assuming that there is a "why". Twitch does have the right to ban people or remove them from their contracts for whatever reason they want to.

    While we are briefly touching on it in the thread, any kind of doxxing is wrong no matter who is doing it. I think its pretty cut and dry that confidential information shouldn't be shared outside of who has been authorized to see it.

  14. From what I've been told and read, the story for the game he is/was playing ends in a way that says the series is done anyhow and that the devs are pretty clear that they don't want to continue. I can't verify how true that is though.


    Danganronpa theory and the original post theory about it being contract issue are both believable to me. I wouldn't be surprised if Twitch suddenly decided to do something about that or didn't even realize he was uploading his videos somewhere else until recently. I'm curious how many other people it has happened to since I would like to see a full screencap of those type of emails and see what exactly is in them myself.

  15. 36 minutes ago, MoraMoria said:

    Of course!

    I actually just went to "Show Results", because I don't really have a strong preference for any of the games.

    I get what you mean. I don't have a strong preference for any. For me these range from "a growing interest" down to "that looks boring". Voted for the ones that I thought might be more interesting than others.

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