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  1. I've had some gripes with the moderation in Twitch but today I think is the worst instance of egregious moderator behavior I have experienced. There are a lot of things I can list about the mods like turning a blind eye to some rather dubious, troll-like, and hateful messages in the chat but I'll save that for another post. I just want to mention my experience with moderation today. I was permanently banned from the chat today for no other reason than using a similar name to another user. KingofHypocrisy doesn't get banned even though its a mocking of @Phil using one of his sobriquets. I was actually cheering and sending bits to Phil while Derich pesters people in whispers to have them cheer for him. Today I dropped at least 200 bits to Phil to chat and the messages attached were silly, I admit, but they were harmless fun. The streamchat was going nuts and loved it. Got whispers from people who were laughing and I think it made for a funny moment on stream and in chat. Fun experiences for the community are good. Podusmonens/dragin is a person in chat who was just always negative and malicious but stayed well past the point he should have been booted. I know that giving bits doesn't entitle people to be in chat or anything but considering how harmless I was in chat today I think it is pretty wrong that BeTheMadman permanently banned me from the chat. I joke around with the twitch chat community, made funny and harmless cheers and did not act maliciously. Derich constantly whispers people to cheer for him and he complains cause I used a similar name and that warrants a boot? There are other people who troll the stream constantly, who are completely negative in the chat 90% of the time, and really malicious people that get to stay. I think I should get to stay as well. Considering how much the moderators let stuff slide in the chat, can we at least let people who are having fun with similar names stay in the chat?
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