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  1. I had my suspicions of Lucina almost immediately. Where do these people keep springing out of?
  2. Welcome. Word of warning: it's a bit chaotic around here right now.
  3. I think he went by the name of Bailey Dakota last time I was here. Believe he was pretty immature back then too. Best to ignore him.
  4. Very. Got an eye for these details, I do. :D Yeah, it's really messed up.
  5. Very well said. Staying shut up alone doesn't do wonders for your sanity. At least I still have my parents for company at the moment to help cope with that. And the only reason I do so is because of my autism.
  6. Yeah, there's such a thing as "our own opinion" after all. Telling us as soon as it happens is USUALLY the right thing to do. Just saying. Waiting several days? Not so much.
  7. Yet he's only done it for a bit in 2015. That says a lot lmao. I'll wait and see for myself.
  8. Drop Twitch when he's doing reasonably well? GREAT IDEA! Give this man a medal!!! OMFG. Looking through the comments on his videos before he did this, most of them were being downright insulting. I didn't see many ones that were showing appreciation. I can't blame him.
  9. The nerve of this fucker. Can't believe I ever used to follow him.
  10. I swear people say the dumbest things. Not you, of course. :)
  11. You just pointed that he's never had lunch with any other Youtubers (PandaLee's exempt for obvious reasons) so it seems more likely that this isn't really him.
  12. 1. Insulting. 2. Whatever. 3. Yes, I'm perfectly aware. 4. They're BOTH overloads ffs. Put on ignore.
  13. "Either way this is the kick up the ass phil needs to do something different and hang up the gloves and become a real person." What does this even MEAN?? Hell yes. Pun fully intended.
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