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  1. I pick Red Hulk. I think him being a military tactician would give him a slight edge.
  2. yea, imma read it later. The fantasy fight.
  3. Yaaaaaay, the white man!!! *kisses*
  4. Yea, I pick Mantis. Anyways, Blue Marvel should get something in the MCU.
  5. If you guys get a chance, roll by a Super 8 motel. LOL, that shit looks like something straight out of fallout. Well, the one near me does. Somebody probably ran into a column and tore off the brick and stuff. In addition, the cast of characters I saw around there seemed "interesting." Have you guys ever seen some shady/suspect hotels?
  6. Ok, that makes sense. Definitely share your thoughts on the material when you get done with it.
  7. lol Yea, I gotta check that out. Fortunately for me it's on HBO max. I got HBO max included with my Internet plan so that is dope.
  8. Street Fighter Throwback Night: April 29, 2022 pt1 @27:29
  9. Yes. This guy Erik Spoelstra
  10. Not a bad conclusion to the fight. The voice acting was hilariously bad though. Entertaining video overall.
  11. Damn, that's a lot of mods. Mods are cool. I like the ones that are lore friendly or make the game more immersive. It seems all the mods you got are like that? Cool. Yea, I don't want macho man randy savage as a deathclaw, it's just so weird. Whew, 17 minutes. I'll check it out though.
  12. Man, I would not be surprised if the Nets get swept.
  13. Yea, I saw it. Honestly, I hope they don't pull a bait and switch and Thor is only "Thor" for like 5 minutes and the rest is FemThor. Anyways, it's interesting how they are developing Thor with his own "trying to find himself" arc. Lastly, I picked up the lego marvel games, Lego marvel superheroes 1 &2, lego marvel avengers and with all the DLC for the aforementioned games for $12.77 There was a sale going on for the "Lego Marvel" collection on the Xbox marketplace.
  14. If that is true, I am more excited for it now.
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