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  1. That's good to hear. Just upgraded my Ram to 32GB, having some shots, and getting some wings ready for the game tonight. The day is good.
  2. Yea, that was an embarrassing showing from the rams. That superbowl hangover hit them hard.
  3. I don't get DSP sometimes. Who plays a game like destroy all humans for the plot? LOL
  4. Vodka (Titos) on the rocks (ice).
  5. Doing good. Happy that football is finally back. Gonna make me a drink and jump on that two point campus game.
  6. That's good. He can rehab for the rest of the preseason and be ready to go by the latest game 2 of the regular season.
  7. Yea, the game is still classic Sonic fun.
  8. Good god, the blue sphere bonus stages in Sonic Mania are difficult. Had to give that shit a break before my controller got one.
  9. Thank god I'm not dead or my house burned down. I got so blasted last night that I forgot to turn off my oven when I got done cooking. The oven was sitting at 525 degrees all night.
  10. Damn, is One Piece like one of the longest running mangas? It has to be with anime that show has over 1000 episodes I think.
  11. The framerate dips constantly when too many enemies are on the screen. The controls are kind of delayed. When you jump around it seems like megaman is sliding on ice even though no ice is present. That makes platforming a pain. The enemies disappearing off the screen. Fun game but man it is definitely not flawless. Im not playing it on original hardware Im playing the legacy megaman collection on the Xbox so maybe that's why there is some input delay. There was a sale going on so I got the megaman legacy collection for $5.99 and megaman x collection for $7.99
  12. Damn, from a technical standpoint Megaman 1 is kind of a mess.
  13. Damn, son, ordering through grubhub is crazy fucking expensive. I ordered two things and it came out to $49.
  14. What the hell is this lol?
  15. Really? Was this confirmed in a movie or mini series? Or was this a real life confirmation?
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