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  1. I pick Red Hulk. I think him being a military tactician would give him a slight edge.
  2. yea, imma read it later. The fantasy fight.
  3. Yaaaaaay, the white man!!! *kisses*
  4. Yea, I pick Mantis. Anyways, Blue Marvel should get something in the MCU.
  5. If you guys get a chance, roll by a Super 8 motel. LOL, that shit looks like something straight out of fallout. Well, the one near me does. Somebody probably ran into a column and tore off the brick and stuff. In addition, the cast of characters I saw around there seemed "interesting." Have you guys ever seen some shady/suspect hotels?
  6. Ok, that makes sense. Definitely share your thoughts on the material when you get done with it.
  7. lol Yea, I gotta check that out. Fortunately for me it's on HBO max. I got HBO max included with my Internet plan so that is dope.
  8. Street Fighter Throwback Night: April 29, 2022 pt1 @27:29
  9. Yes. This guy Erik Spoelstra
  10. Not a bad conclusion to the fight. The voice acting was hilariously bad though. Entertaining video overall.
  11. Damn, that's a lot of mods. Mods are cool. I like the ones that are lore friendly or make the game more immersive. It seems all the mods you got are like that? Cool. Yea, I don't want macho man randy savage as a deathclaw, it's just so weird. Whew, 17 minutes. I'll check it out though.
  12. Man, I would not be surprised if the Nets get swept.
  13. Yea, I saw it. Honestly, I hope they don't pull a bait and switch and Thor is only "Thor" for like 5 minutes and the rest is FemThor. Anyways, it's interesting how they are developing Thor with his own "trying to find himself" arc. Lastly, I picked up the lego marvel games, Lego marvel superheroes 1 &2, lego marvel avengers and with all the DLC for the aforementioned games for $12.77 There was a sale going on for the "Lego Marvel" collection on the Xbox marketplace.
  14. If that is true, I am more excited for it now.
  15. Man, too bad The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction isn't backwards compatible with the current gen consoles.
  16. I mean you are a neet and he does play other games lol. Anyways, how do you tell when you beat the game?
  17. Putting who was right or wrong aside. That shit was hilarious.
  18. Imagine if there was an instruction manual about life, and according to it humans were doing everything completely wrong.
  19. How funny would it be if DSP had surprise announcement on prestream announcing "Hey, guys, I got an announcement to make. Ugh ..... Im gonna be getting locked up for the next 3 - 6 months. Any support on todays stream would be greatly appreciated."
  20. Probably going to play more elden ring. Made some spaghetti and meatballs. Hopefully that lasts for a bit. The meatballs I made didn't have a lot of structural integrity lol. Did you post a review of the newest Spider-Man flick?
  21. I don't know how D Wat got that contract. I'm guessing he propositioned that deal to the other teams but they said "Nah, Im good"
  22. Nah bruh, like KG said Skyrim and Elden ring only have the fantasy and open world thing in common. Also, it's not similar to dark souls at all. Well, I guess the only thing you could say is similar is the fantasy setting. There are things that Skyrim does better than Elden Ring and vice versa.
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